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How do I find a Chaos Emerald in the first Sonic the Hedgehog?

I want to get the Trophy, so I need help figuring out how to get a Chaos Emerald. the first level preferably!


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how do I get to a check point-minigame?

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hideousfranchis answered:

You need 50 gold rings and at the end of the level there will a large gold ring, simply jump into it, You will only have about 2 seconds to do this after you go through the level end marker thing and you will be brought to a weird pinball type mini-game and if you don't touch of the "goal" flashing lights and make it to the emerald...its yours
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TheChihuahua answered:

Chaos emeralds are the reward for completing a check-point minigame.
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ViolentPhlegm answered:

If I remember correctly: get 50 rings and hit a lamp post. You'll get warped into the bonus level. The goal is to get the chaos emerald at the center of the giant spinning structure before hitting the "goal" line that warps you back to the lamp post.
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ohtheforlanity answered:

Its finish the level while having 50 rings, then jump thru the huge giant ring you will see at the end of the stage. then complete the minigame
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03153 answered:

ohtheforlanity and hideousfranchis are right, the floating stars above the lampost ViolentPhlegm is talking about is in Sonic 2 and the bonus rounds in Sonic 3 &Knuckles, and the emeralds in S3&K are found in giant rings hidden throughout the levels.
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Solaris_Paradox answered:

The easiest way to do this is to just play Green Hill Zone Act 1 over and over until you get it right, but in general, to get a Chaos Emerald, you reach the end of any zone's first or second Act (with the exception of Scrap Brain Zone, the final level) with 50 or more Rings. There will be a giant, gold Ring hovering at the end. Jump into it before the signpost stops spinning (you'll automatically skip the ring if it does) and you'll enter the Special Stage.

The reason why I say play Green Hill Act 1 is because it's the easiest level, and because whether you get the Emeralds or not, the Special Stages cycle around, and only the first is really easy. The Special Stage is kind of like a rotating, freefall maze; avoid the "GOAL" walls, which will eject you from the game, find the Emerald, break through the barrier surrounding it (the wall blocks will change from blue to yellow to red each time you hit it, and then pop, gone), and snag that Emerald. It's not difficult to find the first one, but as a general rule, follow the Rings.

Avoid the third Special Stage like the plague when going for this achievement. It's maddeningly difficult.
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thegamesmasterz answered:

Collect greater than or equal to 50 coins in a single stage. At the end of that stage will be a large golden ring, jump into it to activate the Bonus Stage. The chaos emerald is located in that stage.
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