Question from JPzee84

Asked: 5 years ago

How do you unlock Roo the kangaroo in Streets of Rage 3?

For the trophy.

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From: funnynetblaster 5 years ago

You have to get to the end of level 2 (round 2 is the way its broken down in-game), and kill the tamer (he looks like a joker, and fights with a whip), but NOT Roo. Its fairly easy once you're in the battle. Just hit the jester a couple more times than Roo, and you can start catching both of then with moves like jumping kicks and specials. If you do it correctly, you'll need to wait like 5 seconds before the trophy appears. Good luck :)

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You will fight someone with a whip and a kangaroo. Dont kill the kangaroo kill the evil trainer and he is unlocked

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You must do this by doing it in the level. using the cheat wont work.

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