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Golden Axe III Translation and Stuff
by Bombman 
12/30/2007 - submitted to Death Adder's Castle
1/4/2007 - submitted to GameFAQs

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Go to for the Wii Virtual Console demo movie, which 
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Purpose of this guide is to reveal backstory information. Pointless stuff is 
untranslated (i.e. "press the start button to start the game" or whatever.)

For Mega Drive

Golden Axe III

What the gods have bequeathed upon the earth... could it be the destiny 
of an unending battle!?
We sincerely thank you for buying the megadrive cartridge (Golden Axe 
III) on this occasion. You can play it better if you read this 
instruction manual before proceeding. [stock phrase]

[This page is written in an annoying pseudo classical style.]

In olden times, the majestic gods which governed the earth did use the 
battle axe called "Golden Axe" to banish evil giants. 
At length, a new generation was come. Humans appeared above the earth 
and were inherited that battle axe.
The departed gods left a final message
"Thilk axe brings justice and peace under the [figurative] sunlight
and not bringeth dark-rooted evil, destruction..."
Because of this, even before the battles for the axe ended,
people were to call it the Axe Wars.
[literally Senpu Taisen or Battle-Axe Great Battle[s]. Senpu is written on the 
title screen of Golden Axe 1 and means battle axe.]

Axe Wars Chronicle - Prologue

When the elder Gilius came to, it was in distant and unknown lands. He 
ached throughout his body, and couldn't even stand.
"What the hell just happened?..." Memories began coming back to his 
dizzy head.
A very long time ago, he was a hero who, together with his companions, 
recovered the divine Golden Axe from the hands of the enemies that had 
stolen it. His former friends had long since passed away, and he, as a 
member of the long living Dwarf race, was now the only living witness 
left of that battle. With the experience of twice fighting in the Axe 
Wars, he resolved to travel to the ends of the earth, where the gods 
had departed, to return the axe to them so that it would not be used 
for evil again. And so, Gilius made this his mission, however...
~Memories vaguely returned to him. Several weeks prior, with the Golden 
Axe in hand, he had bidden farewell to everyone and then sailed away 
from the mainland. At some point, a fierce storm had suddenly come out 
of nowhere and brought wave after wave upon the ship, causing massive 
damage. Shipmates were being tossed off... including him, who had 
guarded the Golden Axe to the end...
After that, he did not remember. But he may have heard some sort of 
loud and evil laughter as he was losing consciousness.

However, he knew one thing. That the weapon that outlived even him, the 
Golden Axe he was supposed to protect, had been lost somewhere.
Half a year later, as Gilius was finally beginning to recover from his 
injuries to where he could walk again, he set out to search for the 
Golden Axe. But what he then saw was a dark world caught in a battle of 
hatred, tainted with blood and flames. He had washed up at the kingdom 
of Splash Hill, in mid-Eastland. Though it was once a peaceful kingdom, 
one day the mysterious demon king "Damned=Hellstrike" suddenly 
appeared, and with his entire demon army overran the kingdom, 
imprisoned and enslaved the people. The king's whereabouts were 
unknown, and the queen was apparently confined in the castle as well. 
It was soon quite clear to Gilius. "[It's] the Golden Axe!"
Since he couldn't go because of his age, he sought brave warriors to 
save the people from this crisis. Before long, there were 4 heroes 
standing before him.
"Go! And bring me back the Golden Axe!!"
Upon receiving the elder Gilius's words, the heroes headed towards the 
castle occupied by the demon army.
Here at this moment, the Axe Wars "gun barrel cover has been cut 
off"... [not sure what this expression means exactly.]

[The character's names, because of the way they are written, can be 
somewhat ambiguous in English. Here I just use standard romanization.]

Kain Gurindaa
A soldier that excels using the battle sword. His close friends were 
killed and his tribe was torn apart by the demon army, so now, responding 
to Gilius's call, 
he will face the demon army to satisfy his revenge.

Sara Baan
She once belonged to a troupe of traveling entertainers, but since the 
soldiers of the demon army suddenly appeared and killed her friends, 
she has been waiting for her moment of revenge. Wielding the Blue 
Dragon Sword passed down from her father, she dances nimbly around her 
opponents, and tears them up.

Puraudo Kuragga
He boasts strength as a descendant of the giants. He has lent his 
strength to overthrow Damned after Gilius rescued him from underground 
confinement by the demon army. His attack power is notable even amongst 
the four.

Kuronosu "Ibiru" Reito [Ibiru=evil. cause he, um, looks evil?]
He was once a human, but he turned into a half beast thanks to Damned, 
who carrying the Golden Axe which amplifies his evil powers, placed a 
curse on him. He has joined the fight to regain his human shape.

[obvious and uninteresting stuff]

[The 5th item on the page is new to this game] 

5. Number of rescued slaves
If you rescue 5 of the villagers/soldiers who are imprisoned your 
remaining Players will go up by one (up to nine total)

To dismount the monster press b+c simulataneously. [new to this game]

[1st box] Recovery Items - Recover your lost life. (apple) (meat)
[2nd box] Life Up - Get this to refiill your life and extend the life 
gauge by a little bit.
[3rd box] Magic Pot - Get this to be able to use magic (Magic->p. 14)
[4th box] Thief - The blue thief has magic pots, the green thief has 
recovery items.

[middle bullet] You can only continue with 4 credits, and if playing 2 
players, you share the credits.

When you have Magic Pots and push the A button, you can then cast a 
certain level of magic based on your number of pots. (Any pots going 
"over" will still remain in your stock.)

Kain = Water Magic
Sara = Fire Magic
Puraudo = Rock Magic
Kuronosu = Fog Magic

[The following pages describe controller actions. The text around the actions
is merely spelling it out i.e. "Push forward, then push forward a second time 
quickly to dash" etc.]

Dash -> + ->
High Jump -> + -> + C
Triangle Jump (off wall etc) C, <- or -> + C
2nd Stage Jump C, (mid-air)C (Kuronosu and Sara only)

- C, B Jump Attacks -
Kain, Sara: Jump Kill [Kill = "kill with blade", but I can't think of an 
English word to approximate this]
Puraudo: Drop Kick
Kuronosu: Jump Kick

- C, then down + B Jump Attack -
Kain: Down Thrust
Sara: 2nd stage Kick
Puraudo: Mongolian Chop
Kuronosu: Diving Thrust

- High Jump + B Attacks -
Kain: High Jump Kill
Sara: Mid Air Revolve Kill
Puraudo: Two Legged Knee Drop
Kuronosu: Two Hand Kill

- Dash + B Attacks -
Kain: Body Check
Sara: Sliding Kick
Puraudo: Lariat
Kuronosu: Pounce

Down + B Trip

- Throws -
1. Hit B to create a combo hit, then B again while pushing towards 
2. Grab your opponent by pressing B near him, then push B in the 
opposite direction to throw:
Kain: Shoulder Throw
Sara: Overhead Toss
Puraudo: Throw Off
Kuronosu will Drop Kick instead.

- Special Moves -
1. Triangle Jump + B (Sara and Kuronosu)
Sara: Smash Kick
Kuronosu: High Spin Kick
2. As Puraudo, grab your opponent and push C button for Body Press.

- B + C Unique [lit. Sure Kill] Moves -
Kain: Moonlight Fell
Sara: Moon Dance
Puraudo: Stand Hammer
Kuronosu: Mirage Sault

- <- or -> + B + C Strong Moves -
Kain: Cyclone Slash
Sara: Skill Kick
Puraudo: Rock Buster
Kuronosu: Sonic Claw

- Attack enemies from afar -
Kain and Puraudo: Forward, Up, Back, Down + B + C
Kain: Earth Bolt
Puraudo: Strong Breeze
Sara and Kuronosu: Forward, Back, Forward + B + C
Sara: Flying Blade
Kuronosu: Rolling Shadow

Push Back + B

Select 2P play on the Select Screen and you can use co-op abilites and 
even more powerful magic.
When 1P and 2P are next to each other [as in the picture] and no 
buttons are pressed, both players will nod to each other and that means 
a co-op move is ready.

Co-op Moves
When the players nod, either 1P or 2P push B on the control pad
Kain + Sara: Bird Kick
Kain + Puraudo: Whip Kick
Sara + Puraudo: Heavy Bomb
Kain + Kuronosu: Rotor Blade
Sara + Kuronosu: Twin Sault
Puraudo + Kuronosu: Bird Dive

Co-op Magic
When both players have at least 10 Magic Pots between them.
Get the players to nod, and either 1P or 2P press A.
The one who pushed A will cast a specific magic which is more powerful 
than Level 3. The players will then lose 10 pots in total starting with 
the spell caster.
Kain: Tidal Wave
A big tidal wave arises.
Sara: Falling Sun
She creates a falling miniature sun.
Puraudo: Summoned Golem
A rock golem monster is summoned
Kuronosu: Death Arrow
Death is summoned and it emanates thunder

PAGE 24-25
[nothing noteworthy on this page]

PAGE 26-27
[The two middle ones are forest and mountain. From the top going 
clockwise are desert, sky, castle, castle gate, city, ship, town, cave, 
village. plains, grave mound]

The evil demon king and his loyal demon army. Here, some are 

Dead Frame: Damned's evil power has given life to the bones of these 
ancient evil monsters.

Vanity: The core of the demon army is comprised of these female 

Corvette: Commander of the demon army's human forces.

Ego Iru Shiipu: Four armed demon summoned from the demon world.
[The name sounds like some obscure reference... which I don't know.]

Mustang: Clan of giants which were sealed deep into the earth.

Eve: The demon king Damned's loyal follower. But his true form...

Damned=Hellstrike: He stole the Golden Axe from Gilius, and intends to 
rule the world with its power. He holds great evil powers, quickly destroying 
and ravaging this world, but his background is veiled in mystery, 
and his identity is unknown.
[The = sign is how the names were written in the first game.]

PAGE 30 AND 31
[cartridge maintenance and now defunct hints hotline]

Bombman's Weapons Of Mass Translation

Daijisen published by Shogakukan
New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary

Each one has stuff that you can't find in the other one. All three, godsends.

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