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Shield Parry?

So in the tutorial level i had no problems using the shield parry + riposte as a thief. I am noticing that it just does not seem to work effectively in the real game. I have fought the same enemies in world 1 over and over and fairly confident i understand their attack patterns, however I hit R2 with my shield and the parry does not work.

So my question is are there attack levels and parry levels that i just do not see? Meaning the "Blue Eyed" knight has a pretty predictable swing but it seems like no matter what my starting shield (or even the spiked shield) will not parry it. Are there certain attacks that you just can't shield parry riposte?

If you have no problems shield parrying riposte please share some tips! Thanks

Wykedtron provided additional details:

Whoops yeah I'm hitting L2. Sorry about that. So you do you remember offhand if you were able to parry and riposte at a early level? Right now it seems impossible. I'm all for a challenge in a game and thief is pretty difficult thus far, one of the momentum shifting abilities is the riposte and I'm just wondering if my endurance (or whatever) is not high enough to counter there attacks etc.

I'll play around more with it tonight and really try the timing but I'm like 0/50 at least on the most basic a lunging attack the the weak mobs in 1-1 do.

Wykedtron provided additional details:

Once i leveled up i noticed it to become easier but I can't say 100% that my soul level allowed me to do it better. I think you're right with timing and split seconds can just mess it up competely.

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TheEndless1986 answered:

You said: "...however I hit R2 with my shield..." Are you hitting R2? If so, the problem is that you need to hit L2. Also, I know that in the tutorial I never had a problem but then in the actual game it took me a while to get it down. I am not 100% on this, but I am sure that everything is just easier in tutorial (side from that Boss) so that players can see how to do everything.

Anyways, the whole Parry and Riposte thing is a little tricky sometimes. You have to time it just right. A fraction of a second too soon and you have a slight chance of simply blocking but will probably take damage and a fraction of a second too late you will just block. So far, though, the only melee attacks I have not been able to Parry are any attacks from spears. I dont know if its just harder or not possible, but I have never successfully parried a spear attack.

Hope this helps.
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TheEndless1986 answered:

I did it to the very first guy I ran into in world 1-1. Failed on the second guy, but yeah. I am also running a soldier, though I have no idea if that actually has any barring. As far as Endurance goes, it sounds plausable that you need a high (or higher) level in Endurance, but again, I'm not 100% on that. Either way, keep trying and once you get it down its pretty bad ass the first time you take down a Blue Eyed Knight with one strike without taking damage, makes ya feel all warm and happy :)
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