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Asked: 5 years ago

What is the best strategy for farming souls??

The merchant in 3-1 has a ring that she's selling for 50k souls. . . I want this ring. What's the fastest way to gather souls??

Additional details - 5 years ago

Lol I'm glad I already wasted my money on that ring. ;)
I figured out the 4-2 area also. But instead of jumping down I shoot him two or three times from up top, reload, rinse and repeat.

With the ring you get exactly 5505 souls from it.

Accepted Answer

From: Blundertusk 5 years ago

Kill the Reaper in 4-2 with a bow from the ledge above, just as you enter the room. This will be 5505 souls, assuming you have the ring of avarice equipped. Run back out and jump off the cliff. Your pile of souls will be in the hallway near the vendor, before you even go near bad guys. It's safe, and incredibly fast. You save yourself a lot of time doing it this way, as opposed to running all the way back to the Nexus, and sitting through two load screens.

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By far the best spot I've found is 4-2. Plop down right on top of the reaper and smack him with something like a dragon sword. Should take 2-4 swings depending. He dies, gives you some crappy ore, and kills everything else in the room as well.

Equip things like ring of avarice (got mine for free in 3-2) and you get a nice boost as well.

I think its like 5500 souls every 90 seconds or so. Evacuation RULES

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Do 4-3 with either a bow or the stormruler if you like

about 20k souls in under 5min

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I wouldn't waste 50k souls on the ring, you can find one for free in 3-2 :D

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