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How do I beat flame lurker?

Whats the best way to beat flame lurker?

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grayfox1 answered:

There is actually a easy cheap trick to this fight. Grab the best bow you can and tons and TONS of arrows. I would recommend 300 arrows. Basically what you do next is simple. Soon as you enter the stage run over to the left. You'll notice a large rib/spine bone, you can run behind it. If you do it right and if it works Flame Lurker will be on the other side and constently chasing towards you but cant hurt you because of the gaint bone in the way.

Then simply use your bow and fire the arrows away. It will take a lot of arrows but it will kill him. Warning however, keep an eye on him, he will move around some and if your not careful he will run behind there and attack you. If he does just quickly roll away and drag him out then run back in for cover and continue the process.

This works pretty well and only once out of 3 tries did he ever get around the gaint bone thing to attack me.

So enjoy :)
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saxrohmer answered:

If you are a mage, water veil yourself, roll around a lot, and blast him with your strongest non-fire spell.

If you are a fighter,roll around a lot, try to get behind him and slash him up.

If you are an archer, roll around a lot, shoot him with arrows.

Everyone should try and wear a ring of flame resistance(found in the dragon roost in 1-1, or on a corpse in 2-2).
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thekilowatt answered:

Spells: Soul arrow, moving soul arrow, soul light, magic weapon
Weapons: Spear (or other weapon that can attack while blocking with a shield), bow
Shield: best one you got

Bring on of each of the above things AND summon a buddy to help you. Hopefully you get someone who knows what their doing. You can block almost all of his attacks for minimum damage at the expense of your stamina so keep in mind that it's not too intelligent to waste all your stam attacking leaving yourself open to his counter. Block ALL of the time, it helps a lot. Try to dodge his attacks and counter right after you successfully dodge something. If he is attacking your teammate use your ranged weapon on him. It is an easy fight once you learn to read his 3 different attacks (swing, swing+fireblast, leap away+fire trail). once he's low on health he seems to use the fireblast several times in a row so be careful of coming in to attack too soon and getting hit by the blast.

Easiest strategy is to have two people, one blocks and dodges while the other uses a ranged attack.
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