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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i get the soulbrandt once i beat the old king doran guy?

I beat Old King Doran but when i beat him i only got his set of armor and an ring but i was also told u get the soulbrandt not the demonbrandt which u get for jsut proving yourself to him. What do i do to get the soulbrandt? please help

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From: store_lurker 5 years ago

You will get Soulbrandt from the very last boss.

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When you challenge old king doran he will stop fighting and let you take the demonbrandt from the alter just behind where you first find him.

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After you defeat Doran and he gives you Demonbrandt, you have to beat the 1-4 boss False King, and then you get it's opposite, Soulbrandt (attack up when your Character Tendency is Black). On New Game + I believe you can fuse them into Northern Regalia which gets a bonus of up to 135 if your tendency is black OR white.

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Just a note the northern regalia is a fusion of demon and soul brandt it's attack at pure charecter tendency (either way) is about 480. The soul brandt is obtained from killing King Allant, not false king, but King Allant (Jin is wrong there) he is the pathetically easy boss right before ending the game by either killing the maiden in black(beast's demon soul which = 200,000 and a red eye stone, challenge fights ) or just leaving the area of the old one( maiden in black demon's soul which = 60,000 or soulsucker from yuria the witch).

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You can get the soulbrant after you beat the last boss ( old one )

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If picking up the Demonbrandt will overburden you, you will not be able to pick it up and will loose it. This happened to me and it sucks.

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Ostrava doesn't know that Soulbrandt is no longer in the Mausoleum. Instead it's inside of the Old One after you defeat the final "boss."

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