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King Doran?

How can i kill him? what is he weak against? i beat him and got the sword but i cant kill him

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0rin answered:

I just beat him using the cheap method. What I did was got him to chase me, then used Meat Cleaver w/shield's R1 attack, which sends him FLYING back. I did this all the way to the cliff where you jump off to get the first crossbow, he fell, lost a bit of HP, then I knocked him down again, and the fall killed him. I got the souls, AND the armor :D Cheap? sure. Cheater is such a harsh term. I prefer the term "impatient opportunist". :P
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Richkat answered:

If you have Death Cloud you can cast it on him, run away and wait. Otherwise you will need to use a posion weapon upgrade with Mercurystone.

Or just sword and shield just attack, attack and roll works to. If you get too hurt run heal and return.
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Santa_is_Black answered:

King Doran gave me troubles too, but I found out a glitch that kills him easily

Lead him to the area with the catapults. (He has to be running at you or else when he enters the 2nd threshold of the tower he will turn around) After the second catapult, he will turn around and walk towards his throne.
From this point to the first threshold, he will not attack you no matter what. Its hard trying to keep him in this area, so alternate from pushing him back and attacking.

It helps to use light armor and a mid-fast weapon.
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Davitu answered:

I just used Poison cloud and recasted it a few times to kill him
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EWGF answered:

Poison Cloud makes him a joke. You can riposte him to death REALLY EASY with a +5 Fatal Weapon and a Dark Silver Shield. Makes the fight take like 2 minutes.
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CoffinFodder13 answered:

King Doran is weak to plague and poison. When I say weak to it means that they will affect him and he will loose a small amount of health every couple of seconds. He takes little magic damage and even less fire damage so get your best physical damage weapon, large weapons are good because he can be knocked down, and wear light armor because you will need to dodge fast and regain stamina fast.

King Doran deals massive physical damage with his 'Northern Regalia' large sword so take a good shield. His attacks seem slow but he has a fast recovery and will often (one higher difficulties) counter your attacks with his own combo so don't go overboard and blow all of your stamina attacking him.

Other ways of attack include:
-status attacks (poison cloud, death cloud, mercury weapons, bleeding damage weapons, and plague weapons)
-counter attack (dark silver shield or knights shield +10 with a high damage or fatal weapon; for the brave only)
-environmental (push him off a cliff, trap him; repeated backstabs on the bridge are very easy to do just have him chase you and break line of sight, he will turn to walk back, sneak up to him, backstab away . keep in mind that if you push him off a cliff you may not be able to get his gear)
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MInitiative answered:

Like Santa mentioned above, the cheapest way to take him out is to abuse his AI tether to his room. Put on a thief ring, shoot him once and sprint away immediately but not too far. Turn back and watch him, if he turns around and walks back you are free to jog (and i mean jog not sprint, he can turn around) up and backstab. Repeat the process over and over.

If he didn't turn around and is still chasing you, you didn't sprint far enough. You can opt to lure him all the way to the catapult area to make this a little easier, he will act the same no matter where he is. Sprint away, and once you're out of his aggro range he begins to walk back to the room.
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shadow_571 answered:

Make him Run out after the bridge, make him lose sight of you, enchant meat cleaver or Dragon Bone smasher, get theif's ring and just go up and backstab him, rinse and repeat, his attacks are also easy to parry and riposte, so with Dark Silver Shield this makes this fight a joke.

Poison Cloud should be enough, but before Patch 1.03, you can use death cloud.
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