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How do I beat King Doran, like what level should i be?

i killed ostrava right after he gave me the telescope so i got the key early, and went and found out what it goes to. i made to Doran, but i'm not doing much damage. im at level 28 right now. where should i be/ what should i use against him?

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Where do i get poison from?

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Tyrath answered:

I lowered his HP enough to get the Demonbrandt at level 29. I equipped a Thief Ring, then I just attacked him with Soul Arrow and I would run away. He'd lose me very fast, I just repeated this until he offered me the sword. I imagine this strategy would work to finish him off also.
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ChaossAngel answered:

well to kill doran you are going to need to have a few things.
1st you are going to want to have poison if you plan on killing him at such a low lvl.
I was around 70 when I fought him and was only doing about 9dmg per hit...and he killed me in 2 hits.
so i suggest you get poison, cast it from a distance and he wont even come after you.
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Svoloch88 answered:

The strat with THief's Ring and running away wont work so easily when he aggros you for real. Youd have to run much farther away ... if you are going to do the hit and run trick it still works but you must lure him past the narrow pathway to the red knight once hes past there just deaggro him and u can wail on him as he walks thru the passage

A simple option .... get poison cloud .... cast 3 times and wait the full duration of it each of the 3 times and you win .... no aggro ... no running .... cheap cheesy way to kill him .... i tried meleeing him and .... lemme tell you .... its difficult ... tho i did kill him as melee it was 10x harder than the poison cloud thing and took much more time.
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ancestrialdestr answered:

I killied soul arrow first time 2 but he doges ist alot so wat u do is get him to follow you down the bridge and the out the other entrance to the building after a few seconds hill start backing up and wont dodge i was like lvl 50 wen i did it but its better to have soul ray
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ancestrialdestr answered:

Oh ps u get poisin from freeke with the leach monger soul
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