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Where do i get friggen magic / spells?

I am a thief i think? im not sure, a melee character.
ive beaten the phalanx and tower knight guard, and im really confused on what to do now... i read that i can talk to someone in the nexus to get spells/magic? but i cant find anything... help?

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ooh ok. i never saved them, i havent even found them...

where is Yuria?? and what is 1-3? because i know you spawn at 1-3 the iron statue guy theres no where to go? i also cant find this "iron key" that i've heard so much about.


nephilimalchemi answered:

Well, Freke's little... apprentice or whomever he is (I didn't deal with him much) is hiding around the edge of the base-floor of the Nexus. Where you go up the stairs to the 5th area, turn right and you should end up in an out-of-the-way little area. There's a rather unsavory fellow there that will only "sell" you spells if your intelligence is over 10. On the opposite side of the nexus, hidden away much like the magician, is someone that "sells" miracles. Likewise you need 10 faith to learn anything though.

As you go through the game, you'll find more people to "sell" you spells. Freke (saved in 3-1) and Yuria (saved in 1-3) both offer more selection and allow you to trade in major demons' souls for powerful spells.
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petris133 answered:

Wow 3 years old and still no answer... Well basically the guy above me is correct... Well half correct, Actually in order to buy spells from Freke's apprentice you must have 10 or higher in Intelligence and Magic, if you don't then he will just call you a brute and basically tell you to go away. those are the starting spells anyways. Other than that you need a Catalyst for the Spells, and a Talisman for the Miracles.
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