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Asked: 5 years ago

Anyone care to trade with me?

Hey guys I am willing to giveaway almost anything you want for any type of sharpstones, I need chunks of sharpstones, hard sharpstones, and all of the other sharpstones. I need a lot badly. My soul level is 73

PSN: Philippine_Dude

Additional details - 5 years ago

Dang it, alright nevermind

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ill trade with you for a pure bladestone....i cant get ahold of this one...and i have all other valuable weapons and upgraded weapons trophies...but not bladestone. I need 1 pure bladestone. u got it?

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Yeah i think i got some pure bladestones, what's your PSN?

Add me I'm Philippine_Dude

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ZODI303 Add me asap ill get you whatever you need.

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crap i didnt see ur soul level. Im level 145...not gonna work

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Nevermind then.

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Try the filthy guy in stonefang. They might have some. How many do u need? I might have some. U got a chunk of dragonstone? Im lvl 79

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i have a spare pure bladestone, if your interested msg me PSN: Hybrid524 SoulLvl 184

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I have many many many, my PSN id is RiPaCRoMBiE and I'm soul level 70 :D

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Ill trade anything i have for a pure clearstone if ur still in the 70s

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