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Boss Demons Souls?

Ok, so I accidentally used the souls of the Tower Knight & Phalanx, are those important or do I need them to make some really good weapon later on? Should I restart?

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TheEndless1986 answered:

Depends on how far into the game you are. I dont remember off hand what Phalanx's soul is used for, but the Tower Knight's can be given to Sage Freke and you can then obtain the Warding spell (it casts white light all around you and greatly increases your defense, its very useful and makes you look somewhat like the Michilan Tire Man...)

Really though, it all depends on how far into the game you are. If you have beaten Phalanx and the Tower Knight, but not really done anything in the 2nd world yet, then I would restart just for Warding. However, if you are a little ways into the game (I'd say past Maneater), then I would just wait until your NG+. Warding is pretty useful, but unless you have very low defense or something then I wouldnt worry about it too much. Plus, if you are playing online, just always summon as many blue phantoms as you can. There are a couple spots where its hard to summon people because everyone summons there, but really I think you'd be fine if you just play through and wait til your NG+.
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Rdawg81 answered:

Phalanx's Soul is used to create the Scarping Spear which is a mediocre spear that supposedly damages the durability of the enemy's armor and weapon
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