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Magician Build help?

Well at the first place I was just confused, but right at the moment I'm kinda stuck with my magician.

Here are his stats:
Vitality 14
Intelligence 30
Endurance 12
Strenght 19
Dexterity 14
Magic 31
Faith 12
Luck 11

Slvl 63

My equipment:
Adjudicator's Shield
Crescent Falchion +3
Silver Catalyst
Silver Coronet
Armor, Gauntlets and Legs are Gloom
Fragrant right
ClingRing/Ring of Magical Sharpness.

In the first place I wanted to create a fullcaster, but then I changed my mind and started to form this blobchar of mine into a enchanter.

Now?...well I have no idea what I'm doing.

Oh and My Current spells are:
Soul Arrow
Soul Ray
Flame Toss
Fire Spray
Light Weapon
Poison Cloud
Water Veil

And I'm normally using: Firestorm, Soul Ray and PoisonCloud when (Normally, in bosses I use different spells)

So umm..could you guys help me figure out what should I do with this char?


iancayer answered:

The STR points were wasted if you were going for a pure mage build, though at this point you should try to get STR 22 you the Purple Flame Shield can be used without penalty. For MY royal spellcaster, I keep my +5 Kris and a shield in my off hand, and my catalyst and +5 Crescent Falchion in the right hand. The kris adds a noticable damage increase, plus functions perfectly with high magic. Other than that, dodge dodge dodge. Become a master at that. My shield is only for emergencies.
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1949tcr answered:

Get the Kris blade. 2-1 just before boss..Upgrade it to +5..Use it in your left hand when casting
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Drakashin answered:

It really depends if your going for high damage or how many spells you can cast before you run out. For my build I went high damage, though she's not lacking in the mana anymore.
Str- 25
Dex- 18
Faith- 24
I put some into Str and Endurance so I can dodge more often and with a bit heavier armor, for when the black phantoms invade lol. Luck on the other hand should be upgraded later as it doesn't do a whole lot and the good weps aren't chance finds but forged from souls you'll get anyways, it only affects if you get like herbs and similar drops. (And on a side note, I generally play with my friend, whom plays a tank type char, so I generally make my char a bit differently than some would that solo).

Left Hand: Talisman of the Beasts and Dark Silver Shield +1 (The tali does a bit less damage than some other catalysts but I find to be able to perform both Miracles and Spells, without switching weps, is a life saver a lot of times)

Right Hand: Crescent Uchigatana +5, and Kris Blade +5 (Use the Kris when your using magic as it ups the magic dmg, but the Crescent allows for mana regen and its' dmg is affected by your magic, A rank magic bonus, with my stats it gains a +126 dmg)

Armor: Really this is up to you, whether you want more def or more mobility. I max out my armor to the point where I am still able to dodge, but barely. Though I recommend using the Monk's Head Wrapping, if you're going for dmg and if you don't mind looking a little stupid lol, as it ups magic damage but subtracts magic def.

Rings: In body form I use Magical Sharpness, and Fragrant Ring. In soul form I'd replace Fragrant with Cling Ring.

Now the big part, the spells that I'd recommend using are:
Soul Arrow

Homing Soul Arrow (For the monsters that constantly dodge, like the assassin, they'll try dodging it when you first cast it, but since it doesn't fire right away they start charging at you again as it goes off).

Firestorm (Invaluable if used correctly. The narrower the area the better, as the fire condenses only to the remaining open area and leaves fewer gaps)

Some other spells that can be I like using are:
Soul Ray
Fire Spray
Poison Cloud (I only use this if I'm having trouble on the False King and get tired of dying, most battles don't last long enough for this to be useful)

Well that's my build, hope you like. I find that she can one-shot most normal monsters, and with firestorm 2-3 shots kill most bosses, though, low Vit, she is pretty easy to kill, one reason I recommend investing in Miracles and get 2nd Chance.
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