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Asked: 5 years ago

White Tendency?

So, i've beaten all bosses. tendency is still netreul. But if i help someone defeating a boss, would my tendency increase to white? (world 2) if not. Then should i just go pure black tendency? and when i NG+ am i still black tendency? and is it easy to get to pure white?

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The easiest way to get to white or pure white white world tendency is 1 try not to die when fighting bosses.2 make sure you summon blue phantoms to help you. HOPE THAT HELPS DUDE : )

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Not sure of this question.If you are PBWT, to get PWWT you can kill 8 BP NPC's. Like Rydell.. This is what WT looks like...PBWT>>PBWT>>BWT>>BWT>>NWT>>NWT>>WWT>>WWT>>PWWT>>PWWT, as you can see there are two of each..

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