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Would it hurt to kill Patches ?

Would it hurt to kill Patches ?

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leatherbearjake answered:

You probably shouldn't. After you meet him in Stonefang, he'll appear in the Nexus by the Queen's Archstone as a merchant. He'll have heavy arrows for you 24-7 at 30 souls each, and they're good arrows to have for the time being. You'll see him again in 3-2 after you kill Adjudicator where he pushes you into a pit, but it's all good cuz you free Saint Urbain at that point and when you make your way back up, Patches gives you a Ring of Gash Resistance. The next time through, Patches will have left the area, but will still be in the Nexus. The guy's a jerkhead, but you may as well let him live. There's really no reason to kill NPC's unless they want a fight.
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