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Asked: 4 years ago

New armor and weapons?

i'm around a lvl 22 theif and i've been using the same armor the entire game when can i get new light armor?
I've been using the longsword or the short sword i dont remember and i've upgraded it a couple of times... should i upgrade it to a dragon short sword or what kind of sword?

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You get a dragon longsword in the caverns in 2-2. Just get that if you can and upgrade upon it. It'll save you some time and souls. As for armor, are you a female or male? Because much of it is one sex only.

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You'll be able to get new leather armor in 4-1 the Shrine of Storms. But you have to get copper key to open a door and buy it from the guy... lol

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Wizards clothes...Starting equip: Magician, Royalty
Treasure: 3-1 Tower of Latria

Shamans clothes...Treasure: 5-2 Leechmonger Archstone

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