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When to spend souls?

I know when you die you drop your souls but can pick them up again ect. But when you finish an area do you spend them then, if you take them into another area dose the same aply ie. You lose them ALL , or is there a way it store them keep them safe? What's best to do ?

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linkvssnake answered:

I usually spend them when i have enough souls to increase my sl, however if i'm running low on items such as grass or spice then that will be my first priority. Usually I get enough souls to increase SL right after i beat a boss, so i'de go with doing it then. Just in case i can't get my souls back, and i'm running low on items, I always keep storied heroe's souls/ legendary soldiers souls/ w.e. for when i need them. I never use those unless i'm really close to gaining a sl, or i need to buy items.
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