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Soul Exploit?

What is it? How do you do it?

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F_e_a_RxX_m_e answered:

A and B= Both Characters
1) A commit suicide and collect back own body.
2) B commit suicide and collect back own body.
3) A suicides
4) Load B, collect A's body
5) Load A, collect own body
6) Load B, suicide
7) Load A, collect B's body
Load B, collect own body
9) Load A suicide << start from step 3~8
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ant_4everlove answered:

Create 2 different character, X and Y. In order for the suicide glitch to work, both characters must be in soul form. Then do the following:

1) X jump to death off a cliff. (i suggest start of 2-1)
2) Load Y and collect the blood stain.
3) Load X, collect the blood stain and jump off the cliff again.
4) Load Y and collect blood stain
5) Repeat step 3 to 4.

This is cheating and it takes the fun out of the game. Use it at your own risk
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