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How to obtain a Lava Bow?

I have a

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I have a short bow +7 and hard demon's soul but no one will let me udgrade it to lava bow. i've checked the blacksmith in nexus and 2-1 but neither will give it to me what do i do

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From: EXServ 5 years ago

You need to use the 2-1 demon's soul (the one from the spider armor).

to do these special upgrades you need to defeat 2-2 boss flamelurker and get its soul to blacksmith ed in 2-1.
he will then offer to use the demon's soul you've got to do special upgrades.

be warned though, most of the demon's soul can be used to get different reward, choose wisely 'cause you won't be able to do it again until your NG+

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You must talk to Blacksmith Ed in world 2-1. He is the only one who can craft it.

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Beat the 2-2 Boss, and give his soul to the 2-1 Blacksmith Ed. Then you can make your bow, etc.

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First to upgrade your weapon into a unique weapon give flamelurker's soul to Blacksmith Ed in 2-1 talk to him until he says Thats the soul. then give it to him then you can now upgrade it. Try a long bow +8 or your bow.

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