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Asked: 4 years ago

What should I use Wriggling Demon's Soul for?

I have the Wriggling Demon's Soul now and i might not use it becuz i might wan to get the Cure spell i just wanna know how many Souls its worth b4 using it

Accepted Answer

From: Skidster2point0 4 years ago

Give Soul to these NPCs and receive:

Saige Freke, the Visionary - Poison Cloud
Yuria, the Witch - nothing
Saint Urbain - Cure
Consume - 6,400 Soul Points

I suggest getting everything eventually, but probably start off with poison cloud first (just because you can kill Old king doran with it.

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Submitted Answers


You can give it at Sage Feke for Poison Cloud ,or to Saint Urban for Cure or you can consume it for 6400 souls

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Poison Cloud. No joke.

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Poison Cloud is amazing!

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