Question from SneekyRatchet

Asked: 4 years ago

Can black phantoms die by in-game enemies?

If I died and invaded another persons game can I be damaged or even killed by the in-game's enemies? or can I only be harmed by the blue phantoms and the one who's game i invaded? If I can be killed by them, can i harvest their souls?

Accepted Answer

From: ThemissinZodiac 4 years ago

The in-game enemies won't attack you if your a black phantom. If the person you are invading has blue phantoms helping him use the in-game enemies to your advantage. They can distract the players while you go heal or try a sneak attack.
For the third question, I don't know if your asking if you can harvest in-game enemies souls or the players. You can't harvest the in-game enemies cause the souls would just go to the invaded players soul count, but you can get their souls if you defeat the players. So if your not sure the player has lots of souls, kill the NPC's to get him souls, but only if you think you can take him on (and if he has some friends).

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