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Asked: 3 years ago

Why cant i find a friend?

Why is it when i log on and try to link up with a friend online i cant find him even though were in the same spot is the servers really that bad?

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It may be more of an issue with your connection to the server, or even your character's statistics. Please follow the guidelines listed below.

1). Summoning requires a body form player to pick up the soul sign of a soul form player.
2). Said body form player can only see souls that are within +/- 10+(their SL)/10. Therefore, if you are SL100, you can only see soul signs within 10+(100/10) = 10+10 = 20. So, SL80-120.
3). The host can only summon into levels in which he/she has not defeated the boss. This means that you are between the farthest available archstone in a world and a boss.
4). Stealth disconnects can happen, press 'select' to ensure you are online. If you can drop a message, you are online and connected. If you cannot write a message using select, you may not be connected to the server, even if you can chat on PSN. Quit to the menu and reload your character to correct.
5). There are three regions to this game, NA/EU/Asia. These servers can NOT interact with each other, but you can play out of your region. Therefore, there may be a chance that even though both you and your friend may live in London (just an example), you may own EU and he/she may own NA. To determine your region, look at your box, or the opening screens before the opening cinematic. Sony = Asia, Atlus = NA, Namco Bandai = EU.

I certainly hope this helps some. If I have missed something that is relevant to your situation, keep me updated and I will reply.

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