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All All Questions for Demon's Souls.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Am I almost done? 0
Can someone fight with me with allant please? 0
Demon's souls? 0
Does anyone want to help me beat Old King Allent? 0
Anyone willing to do a coop runthrough? 3
Can somebody help me beat the maneater boss? 2
Do I have to kill the BP personally to get stuff? 2
How do I beat (patches)? 1
How to kil the storm king? 1
I Need Help Defeating King Doran ? 7
If I beat a boss as a blue phantom, would I get more white tendency? 5
Need help with black phantom Lord Rydell!? 2
2-1 Spider boss as melee? 4
About the blue dragon in 1-4? 2
About the first boss? 1
Archdemon ? 3
Biorr in 1-3? 2
Black phantom Garl Vinland ??? 4
Black Phantoms? 2
Can I beat the Blue Knight in the Nexus later in the game? 1
Can i beat the flamelurker without magic? 14
Can I refight bosses (without NG+ or multiplayer)? 1
Can some help me with the firelurker? 1
Can someone explain World Tendancy to me? 3
Can sum1 me out defeat the false king? 4
Can you get selen vinland's armor? (woman set) 1
Crystal Geckos? 4
Do Phalanx's minions respawn? 3
Easiest way for a magic caster to kill the red and blue dragons? 3
False king? 4
Feeling Guilty? 2
Flame lurker help? 13
Fool's Idol...Gargoyles aducting me? 1
How are some players my soul lvl. taking more damage and having way more defense than me? 14
How can u kill Skeletons on 4-1 when there is a black phantom? 3
How do I beat (blue dragon)? 13
How do I beat (Dragon god)? 3
How do I beat (fools idol)? 1
How do I beat (Leechmonger)? 10
How do I beat (man eater new game +)? 3
How do I beat (Storm King)? 1
How do I beat Adjudicator? 1
How do I beat black phantom Selen Vinland? 2
How do I beat Dirty Colossus? [NG+++] 11
How do I beat False King? 1
How do I beat flame lurker? 3
How do I beat King Doran, like what level should i be? 5
How do I beat Maneater? 1
How do I beat Miralda in black phantom form? 5
How do I beat Penetrator? 9
How do I beat Red Eyes Knight w/o soul arrow? 3
How do I beat the blue dragon in world 1? 1
How do I beat the Firelurker in New Game plus? 2
How do I beat the giant goblins in 5-2? 7
How do I beat the giant tower that fires arrows? 3
How do I beat the old hero? 4
How do I beat the tower knight? 1
How do I beat Tower Knight? 1
How do i find executioner miranda and where is she located? 1
How do I get the Beast Demon's soul? 2
How do you become one of the black phantom bosses for the Old Monk fight in 3-3? 10
How does soul drain effect upgrades? 5
How to defend against octopus enemies(Chapter 3-1)? 1
I need help!!!!!? 1
If I kill the red or blue dragon in 1-1 wil they be back in 1-2 or 1-4? 2
Is it even possible to beat the tutorial boss on the first run ? 1
Is the blue guy sitting by the first archstone in the Nexus anybody special or can I kill him? 3
Is there a way to evade or another way to pass the the back phantom in chapter 3-1? 1
Is there an easier way to defeat Black Phantom Octopus Heads? 3
Is this a glich? 3
Killing Stockpile Thomas? 1
King Doran? 8
Old king doran at SL 56? 1
Old monk? 2
Phalanx demon soul? 1
Red and Blue Dragons are gone - do they come back? 1
Should I kill Mephistopheles? 3
Should I take on Miralda? 1
Suggested SL for 2-2 boss? 3
The 3-2 boss? 2
Umm, where is Miralda...? 2
What boss should i do next? 1
What do i need? 1
What happens if I've defeated the tutorial boss? 1
What happens if we beat Vanguard in Tuto ? 2
What is the best way to defeat Scirvir as the Black Phantom and Yurt? 15
What is this? 1
What level is advisable to beat Final boss? 1
Where can i find an Archdemon to enter 1-4? 4
Where can i find scivir? 1
Where can i find the Old Monk? 4
Where can you find Selen Vinland? 1
Where in 5-3 is BP Garl Vinland? 2
Which boss is next? 4
Which demon souls for which Magic Spells? 1
Why does Miralda attack me? 2
Why isn't BP Scirvir appearing? 4

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Can anyone give me an Official's Cap? 1
Help on 2-1? 1
How do I dodge dragon god's fire? 11
I think I messed up saving Ostrava in 1-3? 1
My world tendency says all pure white yet no events? 1
What to do next? 1
World 4 tendency problem? 8
After Fool's Idol? 2
All white tendency? 1
Black Knight in 4-1? 1
Blacksmith Ed wont take redhot soul? 3
Blue phantom and friendship ring ? 2
Blue Phantom in nexus? 7
Does my world tendency go up if i help someone kill a demon? 1
Finding blacksmith? 2
How can i get boltera back to whitetendency to open the gate in the beginning after i have beaten the bosses in boltera? 12
How do i get in the gate at the beginning of 1-1 to the left? 2
How do i get the red stone? 1
How do i get to the final boss, the old one? 1
How do I help the guy trapped in the Prison of Hope lv2? 1
How do i level? 2
How do I reset the World Tendency back to Neutral? 2
How do I save Ostrava the 3rd time? 1
How do I skip the Ostrava events until I'm ready? 1
How do I solve glowing lizard? 6
How do I solve the hole in the floor, of the started of the game to get to the field? 2
How do I solve the old ragged rodes? 6
How do I solve, the second lock door after you killed the red dragon? 1
How do you get pure white tendecy in the tower of latria? 1
How to get accross 5-1 collaspable bridge? 1
I see these phantom frogs, what are they, can I kill it? 3
I'm a Knight I learned and remember spells and it wont let me use them how do I use them? please help 1
If i kill sage freke for the chick? 1
Mephistopheles help? 6
Multiple playthroughs? 1
New Game Plus? 2
Ok check this out ? 1
Ostrava not at 1-2? 1
Tower of Latria bridge? 2
What do I do with the red dragon soul in1-1? 1
What does bird want? 1
What is in the crypt? 2
What is the shiny twinkly thing the lady in the tree in 4-1 is talking about? 3
What the hell do i do????? 2
What's behind the Door to Patheon? 3
When is the next world tendency event ? 1
where can I find the key to open 1-1's secret chamber ? 2
Where can I find Yuri, the witch? 2
Where can i save all of the NPCs? 1
Where do i go to talk to the Monumental? 2
Where is the ancient buriel ground? 1
White World Tendency event? 1
Why doesn't this game suck? 2
World Tendency Events !? *help* 1

Item Location Help Answers
Dissapeared gloom leggins? 0
How or where do I get the Poison Cloud spell? 0
Need a purebladestone? 0
Pure Bladestone and Darkmoonstone have not dropped after a month of grinding. Can you help me? 0
Pure bladestone help ? 0
Pure bladestone? 0
Pureblade Stone Drop?? 0
Anyone have these weapons? 3
Asian Version - Can anyone trade me a Pure Darkmoon stone? 1
Asian Version - Does anyone need a Pure Blade/moonlight stone? 2
Best weapon upgrade for damage? 4
Blade stone? 1
Bramd and Blind Weapon request? 2
Can anyone dupe me some weppons? 2
Can Anyone Trade Me a Few Rare Stones? 1
Can i get a new type of weapon with only upgrading? 2
Can i not get the Dragon bone smasher? 1
Can i trade with demon's soul ? 2
Can somebody trade with me plz?? 2
Can someone help me get a Minister's Hat? 2
Can someone please part with a Pure Bladestone?? 1
Does anyone have a Pure Bladestone to trade? 1
Does anyone want to trade items? 2
Double K.O. with NPC black phantom means item drop lost for good? 1
Dragon Bone Smasher Dupe? 1
Equipping items?....not armor 2
Exactly where can I find Ring of Magical Dullness? 5
Friend & Foe Ring? 1
Friend.....ring? 2
Help on Pure Bladestone? 5
Help with Bleeding and MP ?!?! 6
Help with Pure Bladestone and Darkmoonstone? 1
Hi, I need a pure moonlight stone and a pure greystone. I am willing to trade or do anything.? 3
How do I get Keel Smasher - Dragon Bone Smasher - in 2-3? 3
How do I get Keel Smasher, in 2-3? 2
How do i trade Items? 3
How do u use the stone that u have collected? 2
How to get PFS from dragon roost? 2
How to the shineing thing? 2
How to upgrade tower shield? 2
How to use demon souls? 2
How to use viscous bow? 3
I need a pure bladestone, anyone willing to trade? 1
i need help EU server ? 1
If I can trade someone? 3
In need of pure bladestone and pure moonlight stone? 2
Item in 2-1? 1
Light weapon or Curse weapon? 1
Looking for item help in Demon Souls? 1
Magic? 2
MeltStone Help? 2
Moonsword? 2
Need a duping partner? 1
Need all pure stones any help needed is ver much appreciated ? 2
New armor and weapons? 3
Obtaining Moonlight chunks? 2
PBS - do you need Pure BladeStone? 2
Prison of Hope West-2F? 3
Pure Darkmoonstone? 1
Question about Ostrava key? 2
Rare and important items and such? 1
Request: Females (around) level 388? 1
Requirement for use? 1
Run away...!...Ostrava...? 1
Should I be keeping or using the Boss Demon's Souls? 2
SL:204 requesting Pure Bladestone, EU servers...? 1
Soulsucker or Soul Thirst? 1
The items for garl vinland went missing, anyway to get them back? 1
Trade Items? 2
Trade shards of sharpstone for souls? 1
Trophy Info? 2
Uchigatana and Kilij, Sharp or Tearing? 2
Weapon Upgrading? 1
What are the 4 colored stones? 2
What exactly does the moonlite stone or the darkmoonstone do for the falchion? 2
What is a good setup for a Knight character? 4
What is a good weapon for a strength build early game? 1
What was your soul/character tendency when you obtained pure bladestone? 2
What's Better? 1
Whats the best way to get moonlight stone? 6
When does a crushing weapon wielded 2-handed: stop scaling with Str? 1
Where can i buy new weapons? 2
Where can I find (ape face or mask)? 2
Where can I find (pure bladestone)? 2
Where can I find a good weapon? 2
Where can I find a hard demon's soul? 1
where can I find a HUGE sword or katana and what level do i need to be? 5
Where can I find a long sword? 2
Where can I find a pure bladestone? 1
Where can I find archdemon? 2
Where can I find armor? 3
Where can I find insanity catalyst? 2
Where can I find jagged sword? 6
Where can I find morion? 2
Where can I find Old Monk's Collar? 2
Where can I find Pure Moonlightstone? 1
Where can I find rogues armor???? 1
Where can I find spiral rapier? 1
Where can I find Suckerstone shards+chunks? 2
Where can I find the better versions of the stones? 2
Where can I find the Officials cap? 1
Where can I find the tornado hat of old monk? 2
Where can I find wand? 1
Where can i get a knight armor or other good armor? 2
where do i Upgrad large sword of moonlight? 1
Where is the first place I can buy armour in Demon's Souls? 1
Where to finde shards of moonlightstone? 1
Where to go from Compound longbow +3? 5
Which and where? 2
Who needs what? I have a Lot of Stones to trade away. 2
Why can't upgrade vicous? 2
Why cant I Enchant Weapon? 2
Why cant I use equipped (learned) magic spells? 1
Why isn't my demonbrant doing any damage? 2
Why won't Blacksmith Ed offer special upgrades? 2
Yurt's armor? 1
.Wtf? 3
2-2 Lava? 1
About dragon long sword? 5
About Lava Bow? 1
About my kilij? 3
About penetrator's sword? 7
All rings in the game, specifically friendship ring? 1
anyone have PURE MOONLIGHT st to trade? 2
Anyone willing to trade 1 pure bladestone? 7
Anyone willing to trade and or dup? 1
Armor!!!??? 1
Beast Demon Soul? 3
Best place to get Chunks of Bladestone? 2
Best use for colorless demon's souls? 4
Best weapon for a magic user? 9
Black skeleton in secret passage bladestone drop question? 3
Blacksmith Ed will not take the Red Hot Demon's Soul? 8
Blacksmith ed? 1
Blade Stone, Highest Luck? 1
Blue and red dragons? 3
Blue blood sword ? 1
Blue dragon big sword? 1
Blueblood sword? 2
Boss Demons Souls? 2
Broadsword Scivir talks about in 2-2? 1
Broken sword? 1
Bushwood? 7
Can i add flame or poison etc. after i've upgraded my falchion past +5? 3
Can i exploit the...? 2
Can I only get the RED EYE STONE with the bad ending? Also, what is the best way to farm souls? 3
Can I upgrade a +9 weapon using a demon soul? 2
Can someone explain to me using demon souls to upgrade items? 1
Can stones of ephemeral eyes be droped by enemies or bought? 3
Can you buy a catalyst? 1
Can you defend with a two-handed weapon? 1
Can you trade? 2
Colorless demon souls? 1
Colorless demon souls?? 1
Confusion ? 1
Crushing or Quality at max stats? 1
Crushing? 1
Crystal Lizard / Chunk of Spiderstone? 7
Curved Blades? 1
Dark purple flame shield? 1
Demon's Souls Trading items for PURE BLADESTONE!?! 1
Demonbrandt cant use it why? 3
Do Crystal Lizzards drop different items upon reload? 2
Do weapon buffs break stealth in PVP? 2
Does anyone have a gargoyle crossbow ? Im willing to trade it for any pure stone that you might need. 1
Does Demon's Souls collected in NG stack with those in NG+? 2
Does failing picking up certain unique items make it impossible to get them later? 1
Does Items Duped by other players count towards Achievements? 1
Does the Bosses demons souls carry over to new game+ if not used? 2
Does upgrading the Crescent Falchion increase its MP regen rate? 1
Does upgrading the Kris Blade add to its effect of increasing magical power? 1
dose anyone have CHUNKS of MOONLIGHT st???? 2
Dozer? 1
Dragon bone smasher glitch!? 1
Dragon bone smasher glitch? 1
Dragon Demon's Soul usage? 1
Dropping items by the crow in 4-1? 1
Each Demon Soul? 1
Enchantable weapons? 1
Equipaments for Knight? 1
Finding another Brushwood Armor set? 1
First NPC BP kill bug - Didn't drop Black Eye Stone?! 1
Gloom Armour? 1
have short sword + 8 and storm demons soul but cannot make morions blade at blacksmith Ed? am i doing something wrong? 1
Having trouble equiping? 1
Heavy shields always so slow? 3
Help finding/getting cool armor? 1
Hero Demon's Soul? 1
How can i get the (all spells tro. and mericals tro. also rings? 2
How Can I Get The Sword In Level 2-3? 3
How come i invaded a world using the blue stone? 2
How do hunter turn on the sniper mode ? 2
How do i create a dragon long sword? 1
How do i get Dragon Bone Smasher? 1
How do I get my uchigatana to...? 1
How do I get penatrator's sword? 1
How do I get ring of hurculean strength? 3
How do i get that sword? 3
How do i get the big sword in the Dragon God's Lair? 1
How do i get the blueblood sword? 4
How do i get the keel smasher? 1
How do I get the long sword of searching? 5
How do i get the meatcleaver? 1
How do i get the morion blade? 1
How do i get the soulbrandt once i beat the old king doran guy? 7
How do I get the sword after killing the dragon god? 2
How do i get the the rock??? 1
How do i get white charecter tendency? 2
How do i give black smith Ed the Red Hot Demon's Soul? 2
How do i make a "blessed" weapon? 4
How do i multiply weapons? 2
How do I open the gate to get the Tower Shield? 1
How do i upgrade the large moonsword? 1
How do i use (crossbow)? 1
How do I use a Bastard sword? 2
How do I use a bolt or a heavy bolt? 1
How do i use the Jade Hari Ornament? 2
How do i use white bow? 3
How do use Evacuate? 1
How do you ise miracles? 2
How do you repair weapons? 5
How does the One time revival and Cure works? 1
How much does the Ring of Avarice affect ur soul count. Does it double the amount u get, or just add on extra souls? 1
how strong do i have to be to use the Brushwood Armor? 2
How the shnugger do I get the dark silver armor? 1
How to get The Scraping Spear? 4
How to obtain a Lava Bow? 4
I can't make Meat Cleaver please recommend this message? 1
I got items? 1
I killed tuto boss, why didn't I.....? 1
I know I already asked but...? 1
I learned and memorized the god's wrath miracle, but...? 1
I need a few things, will return the favor? 1
I need a Pure Bladestone and a Pure 4
I need Legendary souls please.? 1
I think I screwed up real bad...anyone? 2
I've killed ostrava (black phantom) he didn't drop a key, why? 1
If I missed the thief's ring the first time, can I go back and get it? 1
If you kill ostarva b phantom? 1
Info about the Sword Blind? 1
Iron key 1-3 doesn't work? 4
Is Banish worth the Soul? 2
Is the halberd a faith based item? 1
Is there a way to get a second compound longbow, outside newgame+? 1
Is there an object that allows us to use spells and miracles? 1
Is this a glitch? 1
Item dupe and getting the Guillotine axe? 3
Keel Smasher - Can someone help? 3
Kilij +9? 2
Large shield parrying? 1
Large Sword of Moonlight / killing the Slug nest in 5-2? 2
Large Sword Of Searching item drop ? 3
Large sword of searching? 1
Lost Mausoleum Key? 2
Magic and faith capacity levels? 1
Masters Ring? 2
Monk's head collar? 1
Moving Soularrow? 2
Mp regen? 2
My first phantom didn't drop a black eye stone! What did I do wrong? 3
My first phantom didn't drop a black eye stone. What did I do wrong? 1
Others? 1
Phalanx soul? 1
Poison Cloud vs death cloud? 1
Prison of Hope West-2Fkey? 1
Prison of Hope, Special Key? 4
Pure bladestone help? 1
Pure bladestone trade? 1
Pure clearstone? 1
Questions on Emphemerical Eye? 2
Rage of God vs. Firestorm? 4
Red Hot Spent? 1
Regen And Health Drain? 2
Restoring power to Storm ruler sword??? 3
Ring of Great Strength? 1
Rune Sword and Shield? 1
Satsuki Armor? 1
Selling Item's? 1
Sharpstone/Hardstone and Upgrading? 1
Should i use major demon's souls in NG+? 1
Soul Level? 1
Soul signs? 3
The broken sword? 1
The underground blacksmith? 1
There is an item behind the fools idol alter in 3-1 how do I get it? 1
Tower of Latria certain key locations? 1
Tower Shield? 1
Trade Me Please? 1
Two rings of avarice? 3
Upgrading lava bow? 2
Upgrading? 1
Using Melt stones? 1
Using wepons with both hands? 1
Weapons for new game+ ? 1
what can i actually use all those shards i colelct FOR...?!? 1
What can i use turpentine with? 3
What do i need to up grade to be able to hold the blueblood sword as a magician?? 2
What is the best shield in the game? 1
What is the best Uchigatana? 2
What is the correct way to upgrade the Compound Long Bow into the Vicous Long bow? 1
What is the purpose of using the augite of guidance and soul remains? 3
What is the use of bladestone? 1
What should I use Wriggling Demon's Soul for? 4
What strenght do I need to wield a bastard sword with one hand? 1
What weapon is best to enchant with darkmoonstone? 3
What world level is great for farming items and souls? 3
What's the drop rate on the purple flame shield from the red eyed knights? 6
Whats the difference between the? 1
Whats the iron key for? 1
when can I find the wepons that give trophies? 1
When I defeat a Demon and pick up its soul, where is it stored? 2
Where are the keys to all these locked doors in Boletarian Palace? 1
Where can I farm or find clearstone shards? 1
Where can I find ( best armor )for famale character ? 1
Where can I find (armors)? 1
Where can I find (best weapon)4 all class? 1
Where can I find (chunk and pure mercury stone)? 1
Where can I find (Chunk of Dragonstone)? 4
Where can I find (greystones)? 1
Where can I find (large hardstone shards)? 1
Where can I find (pure clearstone)? 1
Where can I find (short sword)? 2
Where can I find (stones of ephemeral eyes)? 5
Where can I find (Talisman of beast or Talisman of Gods)? 1
Where can I find (talismen of god)? 1
Where can I find a better set of light armor? 2
Where can I find a chunk of sharpstone? 1
Where can I find a dragon long sword? 1
Where can I find a katana or a uchigatana? 1
Where can I find a silver catalyst? 1
Where can I find all the special weapons and shields? 3
Where can I find an upgrade forthe kris dagger? 2
Where can I find another Wooden Catalyst?? 2
Where can I find Black and Red eye stone? 2
Where can I find Blackeye stone? 3
Where can I find broken sword? 1
Where can I find chunks and shards? 1
Where can I find Compound Long Bow in 4-1? 1
Where can I find Crescent based weapons or Phosporocent Pole? 1
Where can I find crescent falchion? 1
Where can I find crow? 1
Where can I find crystal lizard in 1-3 ? 1
Where can I find Darkmoonstone? 1
Where can I find iron ring of keys? 1
Where can I find item Scirvir is looking for??? 2
Where can I find large sharpstones for upgrading? 1
Where can I find LArge sharpstones? 1
Where can I find Large stones? 1
Where can I find Lord Rydell's keepsake? 1
Where can I find lso moonlight? 1
Where can I find Makoto? 2
Where can I find marrowstone? 1
Where can I find master ring? 1
Where can I find Mausoleum key? 8
Where can I find mephistopheles? 1
Where can I find north regalia? 2
Where can I find or buy rogue armor? 1
Where can I find Primevil Demon's? 1
Where can I find pure hardstone and sharpstone? 1
Where can I find Ring of Disease Resistance? 1
Where can I find Shard of Spiderstone? 1
Where can I find shardes of hard stone? 1
Where can I find Silver Bracelet? 1
Where can I find some Magic Arrows? 1
Where can I find that giant sword that is like Clouds Strife? 2
Where can I find the best armour in the game? 6
Where can I find the best spear? 2
Where can I find the dark silver shield? 1
Where can I find the Dragon's Roost for the PFS? 2
Where can I find the Fragrance Ring? 2
Where can I find the Guillotine Axe? 1
Where can I find the item to fight other people? 1
Where can I find the Monks Hat? 1
Where can I find the Purple Flame Shield? 2
Where can I find the Ring of Avarice? 1
Where can I find the thief ring? 1
Where can I find the Thirst Spell? 1
Where can I find the TOWER SHIELD? 3
Where can I find the twin fangs armour(help please)? 3
Where can I find thesword Blind? 1
Where can I find Wands and the Stones to use healing? 1
Where can I find? 1
Where can i get more Colorless Demon's Soul? 2
where do I find a final fantasy like weapon? 5
Where exactly in 2-3 can I find the C.lizard that drops a Pure Clearstone? 1
Where is the crystal blade? 2
Where is the once royal mistress? 1
Where to get/buy talisman of god? 1
Wheres the SOUL BRAND?!?!?!? 7
Which is better? 2
Which souls are safe to consume? 1
Why cant i use the demonbrandt? 1
Why cant I use the white eye stone after completing an objective? 1
Wich of the souls you get are safe to use? 2
Will I ever roll again? 2
WTH does Blind's L2 do? 1
Yurt The Silent Chief? 5

Level Help Answers
Anybody can helm me in Shrine of Storms Chapter 1, Stonefang Tunnel Chapter 2 and 3, Boleterian Palace Chapter 3? 1
Have I screwed my chances of getting DBS? 2
How do I get past 4-2? 1
How do i open the locked door in 1-1? 1
How to get to the left of the Boletaria? 3
I just want to know if i leveled to much? 1
I need to summon someone. Anyone? 1
I think i did something wrong - world tendency for shrine of storms level 4? 2
Interested in a new playthrough? 1
Need a soulsucking partner? 1
Someone help me with 5-2? 5
Stats, equipment, spells ... (knight)? 1
Stuck in Stonefang Tunnel? Help! 3
Valley of Defilement? 2
What's with that cart on the edge of a cliff on 2-1? 1
Whats the next best area to go for? 2
Where do i get friggen magic / spells? 2
Where is level 1-2? 2
Where should I start? 2
Why do i have to face two knights covered in red at the end of the bridge in 1-2? 5
Why i`m being level drained when playing against a black phantom in a soul form?? 1
After i beat the first demon??? 1
After Storm King? 2
After tower knight? 5
Can you enter Nexus short before defeating Phalanx? 1
Can you open the huge gate at the beginning of boletarian palace? 1
Explanation of world tendency? 2
Game Compleated? 3
Getting rid of the dragons in 1-1? 4
Good farming method(not question but tip)? 2
Hi iv heard there is sum way of doining a soul glitch ? 2
How can I change world Tendency from Neutral to White/Pure white? 1
How can i get pure white world tendence? 1
How can you tell which level you're in? 1
How do I enter the fog after Tower Knight? 2
How do I get anywhere after Fool's Idol Archstone?? 3
how do I get back to the spider boss in level 2-1? The elevator that goes down there is still down there. 1
how do i get out of nexus again..:S?!? 1
How do I get past (Chain/tower area above Fool's Idol Cathedral)? 1
How do I get past 5-2? 1
How do I get past Fool's Idol? 3
How do I get Pure White World Tendancy On Shrine Of Storms (4-x)? 1
How do i get pure white world tendecny in Boletarian Palace? 1
How do I get Tower of Latria to pwwt? 1
How do I make the WT of Stonefang Tunnel pure white? 1
How do I open up the locked door in 1-2? 1
How do raise my soul level (and how high) so i can beat Phalanx? 1
How do you get the 2 side gates in the tower knights area to open up? 1
How exactly do I multiplayer? 3
If I kill body form Miralda, will she still apear as a black phantom afterwards? 1
In Boletarian Palace, there's an enemy who looks like the Templar Knight but with a spear, how do you beat him? 8
Knight in 4-1? 1
Maneater help? 16
New game+++++....? 1
New Game+? 1
Next? 1
Pure Black tendency? 1
Pure Bladestone? 1
PWWT Unlocked Locations? 1
Rolling? 2
Selen? 1
Soldiers guide for gear/stuff? 1
Stonefang Tunnel? 1
What are those things in 3-1? 1
What is the best place for pvp? 1
What should i do after killing phalanx? 1
Whats this extra thing here for? 1
Where can I find The Monumental? 1
Where do I go on 3-2? 1
Which area corresponds with which #-#? 1
Why dosent my attack power go up anymore? 1
Why is world 2s WT so screwed up? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Any tips for parrying in this game? 0
Guillotine Axe or Bastard Sword? 0
Tips before starting the game? 0
Back stabs / riposte in pvp? 2
Best wepons or upgrades for breaking sheild deffence? 2
Black phantom? 3
Can someone give me an understanding for character creation and tactics? 1
Can you get invaded in the boss room? 2
Death in body form? 2
Do back stabs give you the same amount of souls as parry/reposite? 2
Does Magic Power affect the effectiveness of the Cloak spell? 2
Does the Stockpile Thomas glitch work with all items? 1
Does this Damage stacking strategy work? 2
General questions about BP's (Black Phantoms)? 1
Getting Spells and Whatnot? 2
Good armor? 2
How can I make a good magician? 1
How do I deal with soul-sucking anti-magic black phantoms? 1
How do i disguise myself? 1
How do i kill the bear bugs/fire grubs? 2
How do I shoot my crossbow in Demon's Souls? 1
How do you become revived? 2
How do you get through stage 2-2? 1
How does damage CHANGE like this? 3
How many points in intelligence does it take to remember 7 spell slots? 1
How should I go through the game? 2
How to build skill for certain items? 1
I have no clue how to Play this game can any one help me out? 1
I need help in training. Where should and how should I train and what stuff should I use? 1
I saved Biorr from jail but he doesnt show up at Penetrator? 1
I'm having trouble with weapon buffs? 2
Im i've come this far and can't give up now! Stonefang Tunnel 2.2 A little Help Please? 2
Instant Blue Phantom Summons? 1
Is it worth it? 4
Is there a list that maps out what you get as you level up each stat? 1
Killing in the Nexus? 2
Magic weapon? 1
Magician Build help? 3
Male vs. Female? 2
More detailed melee character guide? 2
PVP strength build help? 1
Start with barbarian or royalty? 2
Tips before starting the game? 1
What is the best starting class for someone new to this game? 2
What is the best strategy for (for killng the red and blue dragon)? 7
What is the best strategy for (killing the giant knight)? 5
What is the best strategy for (leveling up)? 1
What is the best strategy for getting souls for u.s version? 3
What is the best way to get souls? 4
What stats should i raise for a knight? 1
What Stats to train for Meat Cleavor Build? 2
What would be the best weapons and armor for Battle Mages? 3
Where are the keys in the 3rd level? 1
Where can I get better armor and can u share some tips? 3
Where do I find the Maiden? 2
Where to gather souls? 2
A question on dodging? 1
Actually I just got this game and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do? 1
Am i just bad at this game? 5
Are some enemies immune to bleed/poison/plague? 1
Barbarian Help? (newbie question) 1
BBS build info? 1
Best soul level for pvp? 2
Best tank character? 7
Best weapon for tank set? 1
Black Phantoms in Nexus? 2
Breaking guards / defense? 2
Can a thief use magic? 3
Can black phantoms die by in-game enemies? 1
Can blue phantoms attack black phantoms? 1
Can I get rid of a Black Phantom by quitting or loading? 2
Can I return to nexus if Im in white tendecy and keep it whithout going back to neutral? 1
Can I still get my soul tendency all white after I killed all bosses except king alant? 1
Can someone explain to me about invading another person's game? 1
Character and world tendency? 1
Character Tendancy? 2
Do the breakable crates, boxes, barrels, etc. ever have stuff in them? 1
Does everything level up with you? 3
Does Requesting a challenger do anything? 1
Does the MP Regen of Crescent weapons stack? 1
Does the soul glitch work in the american version if so how does it work? 8
Escaping the pushlock.... ? 1
Fighting in the Nexus? 1
Good Build for Temple Knight(Sword/Pole/Spear User)? 6
How can I raise my strength with the bow? 6
How can you return to 3-1 when you are in 3-2.? 1
How do I break guard? 1
How do I get my World Tendancy up? 1
How do i get past the Dragon Bridge in 1-2 as a soul? 5
How do I kill the first boss ? 1
How do you do the Deleveling cheat? 2
How do you gain skill points? 1
How do you use miracles? 1
How dose game play work? 1
How much can i get? 1
How to gain white world tendency (Tower)? 7
How to get magic? 2
I dont get the WT white and black ? 2
If i am a knight? 1
Is it worth killing youself to avoid negative WT? 3
Lets see? 2
Longsword vs. Broadsword? 2
NG+ Difficulty Specifics? 1
Noob question: What's the point of dexterity? 1
Online Play with a friend who has the game? 1
Patches advice? 1
Saint Urbain is in a killing mood... what do i do? 3
Shield Parry? 2
Should and should not do? 1
Soul exploit doesn't work? 1
Soul farming at SL 200+ ? 1
Soul Glitch? 3
Soul LVL? 1
Stat help: Dexterity? 1
Stats and weapons? 1
The best armor for? 2
What are cloudstones used for? 1
What build am I, about to go below the Nexus? 1
What gear do you use for particular playing styles? 2
What happens when you die in another player's game? 1
What is 'cracked' and 'pushed'? 1
What is grinding and farming? 1
What is the best strategy for farming souls?? 4
What is the best strategy for penetrator? 1
What is the best strategy for storm king? 1
What is the best thing to get for the dragon god's soul ? 7
What is the easiest way to get PB? 1
What stats would you say? 2
What's a good build for a knight that wants to be good in melee and bows? 1
When other people join my game, do I get the same amount of souls? 1
When to grind and farm? 1
When to spend souls? 1
Where are all the good weapons? 2
Which class is best for a beginner? 3
Which enemies cause bleeding? 1
White and black levels? 2
Why soulsuck? 1
World tendencies shifting without doing anything? 1
World Tendency? 1

Technical Help Answers
Backstabbing? ~ Question Regarding Damage and other Bonuses 2
Can't seem to summon blue phantoms...? 2
Corrupt Data? 6
Hooking up in the same house? 3
How can I join a friend for co-op? 6
How can i play online with other person? 2
How can u tell?? 1
How do I fix the 009 cannot connect error? 1
How do i use magic once i have it? i have the soul arrow spell but cannot figure out how to use it 3
How to i connect to US servers from europe? 2
I can not stay connected to the Demon's Soul server?? 3
Invading ? 1
My game is not saving? 2
No Npcs in nexus exept for bodwin and tomas, what do i need to do to get them? 1
Poison swamp trouble? 2
Problems joining my friends game? 2
Saints Trophy? 4
Server problem?.... 1
The game wont let me close autosave warning? 1
UMBASA, i need a pure bladestone!?!? 1
Weird loss of connection? 2
What does it mean when I can't see messages? 2
What happened to the enemies in this game since xmas!? 1
Where did Ed go? 2
Why am i constantly disconecting? 3
Why can't i get the soul exploit to work? 3
Why cant i find a friend? 1
Why does online suck? 2
Why does the game keep telling me (connection failed for co-op)? 1
World Tendancy STUCK on Pure white? 2
World Tendency Update? 1
About the 2-3 keel smasher? 2
Are there any glitches to the us version? 1
Are there any glitches to this game? 2
Can a barbarian use/ learn magic? 2
Can R1 and R3 play together online? 2
Can't connect with friend----are there different servers? 1
Does the game revert Tendency after you quit/signout of the game? 2
Enchant Weapon Spell? 1
First person aim mode??? 1
Getting dropped items back? 1
How come I can't make messages? 1
How to get into offline mode? 2
How to play offline? 1
I recently bought this game, but when i turned on the games was black and wihte pls some one tell me whats going on? 3
I was at lv. 36 and when I want back on it, It said I was lv. 30? help 1
Japenesse Version of the Game? 1
Long and detailed co-op issue. Hepl? 1
Online problems? 1
Session Ending? 2
Soul exploit mechanics please? 1
Wat is error 443? It's supposed to have something to do with connection.. 1
When can I be invaded? 1
Why can't I buy Soulsucker? (possible spoiler) 1
Why has Blacksmith dissappeared? 1
Why is Demon souls cracking? 1
Why is my screen jumping? 1
Why is nothing happening when I kill as a black phantom? 1
World Tendency Glitch? 1

Other Help Answers
Anyone around SL 32 want to do co op with me? 0
Anyone need a pure bladestone? 0
Anyone one wanna help me beat tower knight? 0
Could anyone please trade me some stones? 0
Highest ng/sl? 0
I accidently hit Ostrava of bolateria in world 1-2 where do i find him now? 0
Looking for people to play with? 0
Opinions on my thief build? 0
Pure Bladestone! Trade? :( 0
Stat Distribution Quality Build? 0
75% Max HP in human form? 3
All Special Events? 1
Am i missing alot by playing the game offline? 5
Any way to turn the Shrine of Storms arrow NPC friendly again? 2
Anyone care to trade with me? 8
Anyone wanna help me in stonefang tunnel, 2-2? 3
Asian soul exploit? 1
Asian trophies? 1
Best Magician Build? 1
Best Shield For Mages? 1
Big door in 3rd level wont open, did i glitch the game? 2
BIG questions about full magic build? 1
Black Phantom Invasion? 1
Blacksmith Ed ?? 1
Blue stone info? 1
Can any1 trade/help get upgrade trophys? 2
Can anyone tell me were I can finde the manual info? 1
Can i save my souls? 2
Can I trade items from my own characters? 2
Can luck be deleveled to -99 in the NA version of the game? 1
Can someone invade to help get my character tendency to pure white? 1
Can you choose not to play online, or do you have to disconnect the internet? 2
Character Slot Question...? 2
Co-Op / 2 player? 1
Co-op Level Range? 1
Co-Op? 2
Crestfallen Warrior Aggro Help? 2
Crow Secrets? 1
Defeated wannabe allant and can't finish the game? 2
Demonbrandt magic 0? 1
Difference between NA version and Asian version? 1
do you know if this game is gonna be released in EUROPE? 6
Does nobody play Demon's Soul? 3
Does the soul exploit still work? 1
Does this game only work on a hd tv??? 2
DragonBone Smasher/Keel Smasher? 1
Duplication please? 2
European launch? 1
Gamebreaking bug? 2
Hair style? 1
Harder Than Ninja Gaiden ]? 2
Help with Strength Stat/ Attack Power? 1
Help with Tendency Questions and CO-OP Questions? 1
Help! I cant cast Evacuate? 3
Help? 2
How can pass this game offline? 5
How do i do Co-Op? 2
How do I enchant weapons? 1
How do i fix this glitch? 2
How do i get demon's souls wen u die? 2
How do i get pure white tendency? 1
How do i give my Red Hot Demon's Soul to Blacksmith Ed? 1
How Do I Open 1-2 Gate By Mini-Phalanx? 1
how do I start co-op? 1
How do i use demon souls for creating weapons? 2
How do i use miracles? 4
How do you cast your first spell (Flame Toss)? 1
How do you join another's game or someone join yours? 1
How does the World Tendency Event work? 2
How exactly do I use my magic? 2
How long a level usually is? 1
How many more souls do you get in New Game+? 3
How to enter 1st building in chapter 4-1(shrine of storms)? 1
How to heal other players? 1
How to invade? 1
How to Unlock Pvp? 1
I have killed all the enemies and still cant beat the game??? 2
I have special weapons that i cant use because of skill level? 2
I need some help baddly? 1
I think I really screwed up bad.. I need advice please. Can anyone help? 2
I want to be soul sucked!!? 2
I will help you? 2
I'm having trouble summoning a friend? 1
I'm in dire need of pure bladestone ? 1
If ya dont have access to the internet, is the network play where you can see other gamers a big part of this game? 2
Is Biorr useful in anyway after the penetrator fight? 3
Is Demon Souls splitscreen co-op? 1
Is it worth duying all versions of demon souls? 1
Is online dead? 1
Is there any savepoints in this game? 3
Is there ever going to be any updates for this game??? 2
Is there some item that can extend targeting? 1
Is this game a sandbox game and is it good? 2
is this game like Diablo games? 4
Join to Soul suck startegie? 2
Just curious? 2
Killed an NPC? 1
Leveling? 2
Maneater glitch? 3
Master's Ring use? 1
Miralda Respawn? 1
Multiplayer? 1
My friend says this game is like fable... is it? 1
Need help at getting the pure bladestone and friends ring someone that can help me plz? 2
Need help to obtain more souls and level up? 1
Need SS partner? 1
New game + help? 1
No green? 1
Online ???? 3
Online? 4
Ostrava in the nexus? 2
Patch Clarification US? 1
Player Grading System? 2
Playing as temple knight - am I screwed? 1
Problems trading with the crow in thw shrine of storms level? 1
Pure Bladestone anyone? 2
Pure white WT's??? 1
Purple flame shield how? 2
PVP character deleveling duping help? 1
Random question, other hero in the nexus? 2
Revive? 1
Ring of Herculean Strength? 2
Rydell? 1
Sage Freke location blocked? 1
Satsuki, where is he? 2
Saved data? 2
Saving Souls? 1
Server update? 1
Should i kill him or let him live(Chapter 4-2)? 2
Should i kill Yurt immediatly after i free him? 1
Soul Tendency....How? 1
Soul Tendency? 3
Soulsucking: What Does it Do and How? 1
Spare me a red demon's soul? Please? 1
Still play Demon souls in 2016? 1
Stock pile thomas? 1
Stones Trading ? 1
Tendencies? 2
The last boss that takes away your soul level i killed him but i used his soul i didnt know i needed it? 1
Too many black phantoms? 2
Trophie question? 1
Trophy help please!!? 1
Trophy Help? 2
Unsure about what to do with Yurt? 1
Want to know how to obtain selen vinland's armor? 2
What do they drop? 1
What do you get if your message gets rated? 3
What does Boletaria 3-1 mean? 1
What happens if you kill the royal woman in 3-1? 2
What happens to a black phantom npc when i kill its living counter part? 2
What is the best starting class? 2
What's the max? 1
Where can i create a Dragon Bastard Sword? 2
Where can i farm shard of dragonstone? 1
Where can i find yuria the witch? 1
Where do I get the jade Ornament?? 1
Where is the best place to farm invaders? 4
Which is better for Blessed upgrade path, Great Sword or Great Axe? 4
White Tendency? 2
Why are people asking each other to SS? 2
Why can't I help any other players or invade other worlds? 1
Why cant my friend see my soul stone? 1
Why doesnt Old Monk summon me anymore? 1
Why Iron key didnt drop in 3-1? 2
Why is Blacksmith ed gone? 2
Will I be able to access my DS save if my playstation plus membership expires? 1
Will I need to restart character? (Final Boss of Area 4.... 3
Will someone help me? 1
World Tendency Question? 2
World Tendency??? 4
WTF soul level 172 on first playthrough? 2
.Did anyone noticed sound of a piano in the nexus later on? 1
.In Chapter 3-1,How can I pass the robot(not sure if robot)? 1
.Is there anyway to learn the spell from yuria that steals soul level? 1
10 Level Rule Removed? 1
2 Blacksmiths? 2
A blue phantom killed an NPC...can I get him back? 1
A quick question on burden? 1
After Mephistoples?? 1
Alternative soul levels? 1
Angering NPC's? 2
Another online question...? 1
Any Add-ons? 1
Any better version of my equipment? 1
Any word on this comming out in Australia? 2
Anyone know if DLC will be out for Demons Souls? 2
Anyone know where i can get a CHUNK of hardstone? 1
Anyone want to trade? 1
Anyone willing to help with weapon creation questions? 1
Anything to trade for Penetrator's Soul? 1
Are there "save states" in this game? 1
Are there anymore miracles? 1
Are you buying a PS3 Slim for this game? 1
At what level does miracle capacity increase? 2
Being Soulsucked? 4
Best char eva? 1
Best Priest(Miracle-Caster) Build? 2
Best weapon for a balanced character like mine? 3
Black Phantom Question? 2
Black phantoms as one and against one? 1
Blacksmith Ed help? 2
Blocking invaders? 1
Blue dragons soul? 1
Blue Phantom summoning failed? 1
Blue phantom vs Black Phantom? 1
Blue Phantoms? 1
Broken Leg? Walking slowly? 4
Can anyone tell me what weapons can be made with which demon soul and the level the weapon has to be to upgrade it? 3
Can Black Phantoms Invade After the Level Boss is Killed? 1
Can hunters learn spells/miracles? 1
Can I get a vendor to stop attacking me and how? 2
Can NG characters be summoned by NG+ characters? 1
Can somebody help me lose levels? 2
Can someone help me? 1
Can the red dragon in 1-2 be farmed for souls? 1
Can this game Level up And Change job? 3
Can this game pause duing gameplay?? 2
Can we Create Character? 1
Can world tendency decrease over time? 2
Can you change world tendency in a world you have already completed? 1
Can you do White and Black tendency events in the same area, same playthrough? 1
Can you save your game in Demon Souls? 3
CanI turn off the blood? 1
Cant play coop anymore? 1
Couple of questions? 1
Crest fallen warrior is gone? 3
De-leveling methods? 2
Deleting the data? 1
Deluxe edition? 1
Demon soul usage? 2
Did Patches the Hyena disappear? 1
Did the update fix the soul exploit cheat? 5
Did Yurt the silent chief kill some of the people in the nexus? 7
Do Blue Phantoms have level restrictions? 1
Do I ever need the Mausoleum key? 3
Do I have to beat all of the bosses to start new game+? 1
Do spells and miracles carry over in new game + plus? 2
Does acid cloud affect anything offline? 1
Does anyone have any tips for a new Wanderer? 2
Does anyone want to give me a dagger+7? 1
Does going into offline or online mode affect item/ore drop rate? 1
Does killing invading BPs as a Blue Phantom increase CT? 1
Does MP recovers or regenerate itself automatically after I use it? 1
Does progress remain if you quit mid-level? 1
Does summoning and killing with red eye stone affect character tendency? 1
Does the game get harder with new game++? 1
Does this game have an fee like WOW? 3
Does this game have new game plus? 2
Does this game have voice acting? 2
Does using Witchcraft affect your World/Soul Tendency? 1
Dropping Items? 1
Dual wielding? 1
Dying more than once in spirit form? 1
Evacuate Mirical: Do i Need a Taliman? 1
Filthy Man Vendor? 1
Filthy Vendor in 2-2? 1
Firestorm or God's Rage? 1
future DLC? 1
Gestures? 1
Give items to your other accounts? 1
Hawk Girl? 1
Headsets? 1
Health Meter issues? 2
Help for the 2
Help??? 1
Hostile npc's? 1
Hours of Gameplay? 2
How can I get PW world tendency in the 1st world without killing the Old King? 2
How can I get summmoned by the old monk? 2
How deep is the customization? 3
How do black phantoms work? 2
How do i acquire new skills? 1
How do I close topic? 1
How do I download/install patches for demons soul? 1
How do I dupe things? 1
How do I find out the world and area number I'm in? 1
How do i get my white tendency to go up in level 2? 1
how do i get pure black WT in offline mode without any patch? 2
How do i get to Boletarian Palace, 1-3 ? 1
How do I know what Version I have? 1
How do i open the gate to Miralda's area? 1
How do i re obtain demon souls if i accedently used them? 1
How do I return to the nexus? 1
How do I save Lord Rydell? 1
How do I save the game? How do I know it's safe to quit? 3
How do I turn into a black phantom? 1
How do I use enchant weapon? 1
How do I use souls to upgrade weapons? 1
How do i wave to summoned players? 1
How do you do dupe souls offline? 1
How do you do those poses? 1
How do you obtain the weapons trophies? 1
How does one change his soul tendency? 1
How does white/black tendency work? 1
How much are you able to store with Stockpile Thomas? 1
How much mana does firestorm use? 1
How to "be" the old monk? 3
How to change my world tendency? 1
HP is around 65% in Soul Form with Cling Ring equipped? 1
Human form/soul form? 1
I attacked dregling merchant in boletarian palace 1.1...nw hes attacking me n my attacks cause him no 1
I cant use these weapon? 1
I hit someone in the Nexus (not killed) How do I calm them down? 1
I just got the game and want to know when I can start meeting other people in it?????? 1
I killed Patches there a problem? 1
I made it to king doran and after I fought him I got demonbrandt, but what happens if I kill him? 1
I need help? 1
I saw a glowing lizard that disappeared In Boletarion Palace. What was it? 1
I there anyway to have more than 4 characters? 1
I used my iron demon sould by accident can i get another? 1
If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? 4
If I co-op with someone online, can we both get items from treasure chests or boss fights? 2
If i equip my Wanderer like a Knight will he be equal to a knight? 1
If I kill a Black Phantom NPC in pure black WT, will this also kill the living form of that NPC in pure white WT? 1
If im in newgame+? 1
If u summon? 1
If you die and get your souls back, how do you get your full HP back? 2
If you kill the maiden in black and get the red eye stone, will she be back alive in NG+? 1
If you kill yourself? 1
Insanity catalyst = 60% less mp?? why? 4
IS anyone having trouble changing tendency to black? 1
Is curse weapon worth it? 1
Is Demons' Souls a really good game and what are other really good RPG's For the PS3? 2
Is it possible to stack HP regeneration rate if both ring slots uses regenerator rings? 2
Is it possible to summon blue phantoms while in soul form? 1
Is soulsucker a good spell to have? 2
Is SOULSUCKER useful? 2
Is the only way to level up your stats paying the Maiden in Black? 1
Is there a limit to upgrading your stats? 1
Is there any benefit to killing an NPC? 1
Is there any point in getting the needle of eternal agony? 1
Is there anyway to stop Sage Freke from attacking me? 1
Is this game ever coming to the US and if yes when? 1
Is this game really as amazing as everyone says it is? 5
Is this game worth the buy?... 1
Just wondering? 1
Key location Boletarian Palace? 1
Large, blue, oval-shaped creature? 2
Level 14 Thief can I use my soul arrows or do i need some talismans or catalyst? And how to use it? 1
Level up stats? 1
Loading screen? 1
Locked Door 1-2? 3
Losing Souls If you Leave the Level? 2
Mage in the Nexus important? 1
Max Souls And LVL 712? 7
Meat cleaver stats scaling? 1
Mephistopheles? 1
Miracle Question? 1
Miracles/Spells (Help?) 2
My body?? 1
NG+ empty? 1
Not skilled enough? 2
Objects? 1
Offline Co-op? 1
Online problem? 1
Online useless??? 1
Online?? 1
Online??????????? 1
Optional Multiplayer? 1
Ostrava`s key? 1
People with different regions, play together? 3
plz help World tendency (>.<) ? 1
Pure black and Pure white WT? 1
Pure White Tenancy ? 1
Pure White Tendency help on 3-3? 1
PvP question? 1
Q: On Dark Tendency and Executioner Miranda? 2
Random 90% white tendency??? 1
Rating system help, please? 1
Recommending messages? 2
Release Date? 1
sage Freke & Yuria- please help..? 2
Satsuki? 1
Scirvir the Wanderer? 1
Selen Vinland? 1
Should i buy this game? 2
Soul Exploit? 2
Strange Organ Music? 1
Suggested Soul Level for NG++? 1
Summon? 1
Summoning Blue Phantoms After Bosses? 1
Swinging great swords faster? 1
Teammate death in co-op? 2
The best!?! 2
There is a red aura coming off the back of my helmet, whats up? 1
Tournaments????? 1
Trading Stones ?? 1
Trading stones? 1
Umm... Oops? 1
Upgrades weapons? 1
Walkthrough???? 1
Warding? 1
Was it a bad thing to kill the lady next to the blacksmith in the nexus? 1
What am I doing? 1
What are the benefits of Dual Wielding? 5
What are the downsides (if any) to importing the Asian version? 1
What are the level limits for multiplayer grouping? 1
What are they? 1
What Game Is This Like??? 3
What happens if I kill kilji? 1
What happens if i kill rydell after i save him? 1
what is "NG+"? 1
What is a black phantom? 1
What is the benefit of committing suicide in the nexus? 1
What is the best armor for temple knight? 1
What is the BEST or MOST used weapon and build in PvP? 2
What is the maximum amount of blue phantoms possible in one world? 1
What is the tendency? how do I see my tendency? 1
What is the use of second chance miracle ? 2
What kind of accent does the Maiden in Black have? 5
What now i need help?!! 2
What should I do next? 2
What should i level up? 1
What were those two red Phantom enemies? 1
What's the purpose of fog doors in the middle of a stage? 4
whats it worth getting your message's RECOMMENDED :S?!? 1
Whats the pros and con of online and offline play? 1
When does this game come out to the canadian public? 1
When you go on to NG+ do the prices of vendors stay the same? 1
Where am I supposed to go to raise my stats? 1
Where do I get the rage of god? And how should I upgrade my compound bow to get the sticky bow? 2
Where do u get the beast talisman??? 2
Where I Can Find Old King Doran? 2
Where is Blacksmith Ed? 1
Where is Ostrava? 11
Where is the spine? 1
Where or how do i get blacksmith ed? 1
Where's mausoleum and de-upgrade? 1
Which spell? 2
Which the best job? 2
Who teaches better spells Sage Freke Or Witch Yuria ? 1
Who/where is the Penetrator? 1
Why can't i get online? 1
why can't i get to Lord Rydell on 3-1? 1
Why cant i use use soul arrow? 2
Why Cheat? 2
Why do people keep dissappearing? 1
why i can't upgrade SOUL BRAND?!?! 1
Why is it M rated? 3
Why is my head glowing red? 2
Why is my magic so much weaker in body form than in soul form? 1
Why won't Freke teach me spells? 1
Why won't the healing miracle work? Please help! 2
Will I be able to get demon's souls of bosses in new game+? 1
Will I ever be able to get these spells? 1
Will Mephistopheles disappear if my character tenancy stops being pure black? 1
Will removing the patch erase my current active saved game? 1
Will Trading unlock any trophy? 1
Willing to trade anything for a Dragon bone smasher? 5
World Tendancy for World 1? 1
World Tendancy for World 2? 1
World Tendency help??? 1
World tendency???? 2
Would it hurt to kill Patches ? 1
Wrong class? 2
Yuria the witch ? 1
Yurt help? 2
Yurt, the Silent Chief, is he going to do me any good? 1

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