• Trophies

    Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies. There are 27 Bronze Trophies, 5 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Adjudicator's Trophy (Bronze)Slayer of Demon "Adjudicator"
    Armor Spider's Trophy (Bronze)Slayer of Demon "Armor Spider"
    Blood Master's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Suckerstone
    Congratulant's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Faintstone
    Darkmoon's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Darkmoonstone
    Dirty Colossus' Trophy (Bronze)Slayer of Demon "Dirty Colossus"
    Dragon God's Trophy (Silver)Slayer of Demon "Dragon God"
    False King's Trophy (Silver)Slayer of Demon "False King"
    Flame Master's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Dragonstone
    Flamelurker's Trophy (Bronze)Slayer of Demon "Flamelurker"
    Flying Dragon's Trophy (Bronze)Slayer of Demon "Blue Flying Dragon"
    Fool's Idol's Trophy (Bronze)Slayer of Demon "Fool's Idol"
    Leechmonger's Trophy (Bronze)Slayer of Demon "Leechmonger"
    Life Master's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Marrowstone
    Maiden Astraea's Trophy (Silver)Slayer of Demon "Maiden Astraea"
    Maneater's Trophy (Bronze)Slayer of Demon "Maneater"
    Master Basher's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Greystone
    Master Bowman's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Bow by Spiderstone
    Master Slasher's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Bladestone
    Moonlight's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Moonlightstone
    Old Hero's Trophy (Bronze)Slayer of Demon "Old Hero"
    Old King's Trophy (Bronze)Conqueror of Old King Doran
    Old Monk's Trophy (Silver)Slayer of Demon "Old Monk"
    Penetrator's Trophy (Bronze)Slayer of Demon "Penetrator"
    Phalanx's Trophy (Bronze)Slayer of Demon "Phalanx"
    Poison Master's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Mercurystone
    Rogue's Trophy (Gold)All Rings Obtained
    Sage's Trophy (Gold)All Spells Learned
    Saint's Trophy (Gold)All Miracles Learned
    Shade Master's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Cloudstone
    Soldier's Trophy (Gold)All Valuable Weapons Obtained
    Storm King's Trophy (Silver)Slayer of Demon "Storm King"
    Toughest Soul Trophy (Platinum)All Trophies Obtained
    Tower Knight's Trophy (Bronze)Slayer of Demon "Tower Knight"
    Trophy of Distinction (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Clearstone
    Trophy of Hardness (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Hardstone
    Trophy of Sharpness (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Sharpstone
    World Uniter's Trophy (Gold)Old One Put to Sleep & World United

    Contributed By: Biscuit__.

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