Additional ArtTy Shelton
Additional ArtScott Sprange
Additional ArtDrew Walton
Additional DesignAllan Campbell
Additional DesignAlden Filion
Additional DesignBrett Freese
Additional DesignEd Rowe
Additional ProgrammingScott Hilbert
Additional ProgrammingDavid Reeves
AI DevelopmentEd Rowe
AI DevelopmentClarence Simpson
AnimatorPaul Buda
AnimatorLianne Cruz
AnimatorScott Marshall
AnimatorSteve Wasaff
Art DirectorAlden Filion
Art Production ManagerJonathan Peedin
Audio ProgrammingTim Randall
Audio ProgrammingAmilcar M. Ubiera
Character ArtistJoseph Drust
Character ArtistAbraham Valdez
Concept ArtistMatt Kohr
Concept ArtistSusan Luo
Concept ArtistIvan Moy
Concept ArtistDerek Smith
Effect ArtistMichael McClelland
Engine and Tools DevelopmentTal Arrowood
Engine and Tools DevelopmentLuke Hodorowicz
Engine and Tools DevelopmentAmilcar M. Ubiera
Environment ArtistJonathan Bishop
Environment ArtistBrian Ingersoll
Environment ArtistRob Maxwell
Environment ArtistJudd Roy
Environment ArtistChris Smart
Environment Prop ArtistJonathan Albert
Environment Prop ArtistAdrian Castro
Environment Prop ArtistJosh Piszczek
Environment Prop ArtistDavid Schultz
Environment Prop ArtistLee Williamson
Environment Prop CoordinationLee Williamson
Gameplay ProgrammingKevin Mabie
Gameplay ProgrammingAlfred McNulty
Gameplay ProgrammingBen Payne
Gameplay ProgrammingEd Rowe
Gameplay ProgrammingClarence Simpson
Graphic ProgrammingTal Arrowood
Graphic ProgrammingLuke Hodorowicz
Lead Game DesignDavid Ellis
Lead Gameplay ProgrammerAllan Campbell
Lead Level DesignMichael Nelson
Lead ProducerBryan West
Lead Sound DesignMark Reis
Physics ProgrammingJim Ashcraft
Physics ProgrammingLuke Hodorowicz
ProducerChristopher Puente
Project ManagerCarmen Koger
Sound DesignByron Evora
Story and WritingDavid Ellis
Technical Requirements CoordinationJonathan Bishop
Texture ArtistDave Graham
UI ArtistMatt Kohr
UI ProgrammingAmilcar M. Ubiera
Voice of: Bill the Wizard / Employee Artist / Yakuza GuardDave Wittenberg
Voice of: Captain Carpenter / Dockworker / Employee ProgrammerAndre' Sogliuzzo
Voice of: Dexter Dare / Commando / ZombieAlexander Polinsky
Voice of: Dexter's Darling -- British Babe / Dexter's Darling -- Southern Belle / Employee ArtistSalli Saffiotti
Voice of: Dexter's Darling -- Plain Jane / Employee Tester / Fake-out girlAlicyn Packard
Voice of: Dockworker / Elite Commando / Employee TesterMatt Mercer
Voice of: Downey / Elite Commando / ZombieScott Menville
Voice of: General Neutronov / Commando / Russian SoldierJonathan Lipow
Voice of: Kitty Abundanza / Dexter's Darling -- Kitty's CloneElisa Gabrielli
Voice of: Master Chef / Employee Programmer / Yakuza GuardDave B. Mitchell
Voice of: Matt HazardWill Arnett
Voice of: QA/Evil QAOlivia Hack
Voice of: Quentin A. Meyers / Bandit / Russian SoldierWilliam Salyers
Voice of: Sonny Tang / Mercenary Guard / Space MarineAlex Desert
Voice of: Sting Sniperscope / Dockworker / Employee Suit / Secret Soldier of the WafferthinnJames Kevin Ward
Voice of: Tentacle Beast of Tramm / Bandit / Employee Suit / Mercenary Guard / Space MarineFred Tatasciore
Voice of: Wallace "Wally" Wellesley IIINeil Patrick Harris


Data and credits for this game contributed by LordAndrew, odino, Guard Master, Doumah, and oliist.

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