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Asked: 3 years ago

Gang Operations?

where are all the gang operations? I found most just driving around but there are a few i can't find anywhere.

2 in the Deckers area
3 in the Luchadores area
1 in the Morning Star area

Additional details - 3 years ago

Well I have found 3 of them.

the Morning Star one is on top of a tall building just south of the "Fill-Her Up Super Toy Shop" property in Loren Square.

One of the Luchadores is on the south shore of Bridgeport by the ship.
One of the other Luchadores is on the most south-west ship of Port Pryor.

Additional details - 3 years ago

Found one more in the Deckers area its in the north corner of Burns Hill a little off the road.

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More become available threw game completion and they may actually be missions.

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Best way to find them without a map is to highlight all the open activities/unbought places and cross reference that with already own areas. (Let's say the island you are on is a 3x3 square. If the bottom row is activites you need to do, the middle row is stuff you own, and the top corners are things you don't own, that means there is a gang spot in that top middle.)

It really narrows down where to search. It's how I find missing gangs.

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There was one morning star one on the center island that actually took place OUTSIDE of the area you gained from beating it. Took me a while to find it because of that, I think I was flying over the spot by chance and it popped up for me.

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I've started a new game and the mission with Peirce that forces you to go through 2 gang operations, the second one seems to be glitched for me because as soon as i get to the open space where the morning star's are supposed to be all I'm seeing is their cars....any reason why and how i can resolve the problem?

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