Question from alexvoorhees

Never die no police?

I realy want cheat for no police not the one (no police notority) but no police an never die.


firemike answered:

As far as I know those cheats if they exist aren't free so I think they are in the cheats pack dlc.that should be available for purchase soon if not already.
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Pyrnstein answered:

I don't think there is a cheat for no police notoriety, and for "never die", just use the cheat for Respect, which unlocks the ability to upgrade damage immunities to everything but melee damage. Don't pay for cheats. That's stupid.
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aureliano17 answered:

There is a cheat for reducing police notoriety, but it will only lower it down to one, not zero. For zero notoriety, call your homie for police forgiveness or call in the mayor's favor.
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