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Asked: 3 years ago

The STAG vehicles and airplanes?

Do I get all the STAG vehicles from missions or do I have to store them?

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I don't think you can get Condor from missions, u might need to use cheats.

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You will automatically get a VTOL, a white Crusader tank and an N-Forcer.

Depending on your choices, you can get a black Crusader, a jet bike and a black VTOL. You will also be offered a Condor, but you must store it, because it won't appear automatically in your garage. Or you can just steal one if you want.

Also, it is highly recommended you store an additional N-Forcer so you can deliver one to the chop shop if you put off those challenges until after finishing all missions.

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Well eventually you do earn the stag vehicles becase i never found one but i got one without cheats by theft. You do however earn every stag vehicle through progression in the campaign.

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You can earn them all except for the condor. There's a place in like a park type place in the middle of the map that sometimes spawns white vtols and condors. They are even there after stag clears out

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