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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Help in "Escort" activity? 2
Trophy help? 1
Why are there lines covering your sight in Genki missions? 2

Other Help Answers
Activities and Gang Ops? 2
Any body have a genki code? 1
Any Unused Online Pass Codes? 1
Can I still get Notoriety after having 100% of steelport? 3
Can you leave hourly income on overnight? 5
Cant sync ps3 to saints row can someone help me? 2
Challenges disabled? 2
Controls ? 1
Cutscenes? 2
Does anyone know how many in-game minutes equal to an hour for the money to be sent to your phone??? 5
Does the ps3 version link with steam? 1
Does this game make you download a patch when you start up for first time? 3
Help? 2
High or Drunk? 2
How come I cant call Shaundi anymore? 2
How do u kill people with fiaj? 2
How do you dual wield guns? 2
How dose the customs work on Saints Row the Third ? 1
How find genki island? 1
How many Vehicles are there? 1
Johnny Gat Issues? 3
Kiki Dewynter, how to create her? 1
Missing 2 activity? 1
Never die no police? 3
Saints Row the 3rd game saves usable on Saints Row the 3rd: the Full Package version of the game? 1
Second Playthrough? 2
Secret unknown Areas? 3
Storing Vehicles? 2
The STAG vehicles and airplanes? 4
What is the offiical release date? 2
Where do you get the gloves for the stag outfit? 1
Worth it? 1
Zombie? 3
Can you Delete/Reorder Unlockable Vechicles? 1
Cheats? 1
Did THQ decide to rip us off with Season Pass? 1
Do Cheats Disable Trophies? 1
Do I need multiple plays to get the platinum? 1
Does this work? 2
Easy Money and Easy Respect ??? 2
Exploring/Finishing Tasks? 1
Hey, Can you go out into space or something? 4
How can I disable cheats? 1
How do I save my current character model before switching Genders? 1
How do you nutshot? 1
Hyper reality preorderpack? 2
I use cheats all throughout the game will i still get the steelport hero shirt when i get all gang operations completed? 1
Invincibility pack ? 2
Invincible Pack? 1
Is it possable to destroy building etc.. like battlefield 3? 1
Is there a Movie Theater or Story Mission Replay mode? 1
Is there anyway to undual wield my guns? 1
Killbane mask help? 1
Knife? 3
Murderbrawl? 1
Online? 1
People on fire? 1
Professor Genki? 1
Season Pass DLC? 2
Secret Areas? 1
So do I start a new game? 1
Strip Clubs? 2
What the crap is the get down cheat and how do i unlock it? 3
What time will trouble with clones dlc be availabe? 2
Will it be split screen co-op? 4

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