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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I kill the snow monster?

In the mountains a snow monster has killed my companion and I just can't figure a way of killing it or escaping.

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From: Mookiethebold 5 years ago

You can't kill it, you can only damage it enough to trigger a short cutscene and an end to the fight.

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Just run and gun, until you do enough damage he will grab you and slam you down to the ground until you almost die and that when it trigger a cut scene which i wont spoil for you.

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I think I know what you mean. You can never escape when he grabs you; is that it? You have a problem aiming.
Well everyone is telling you what to do, but not how to do it. When he grabs you, shoot him in the face. The most important thing, is to aim with the RIGHT analog stick, because drake has the gun n his right had at that point.

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Jsut keep runing and gunning untill he grabs you, then shoot him in the face/neck untill he throws you away then run and gun some more and when he grabs you again a way cool cutscence will happen and he's dealt with.

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Just continue to run and gun. If you try to hang and shoot it will stomp on your hands. Eventully when it grabs you it will knock away your gun. Don't worry about it, there will be a cutscene.

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In order to run and gun, you just press R1 while running. You have to aim with the right analog stick.

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