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Not even Dr. Jones could chart something so goodProbester9/10
Oh LAWLZ, Gears of Dewd Raider got a sequel to Tombs of War! lololo- *gets crushed by exploding train car*CrimsonGear8010/10
Presentation alone does not a good game make (spoilers)MattD27795/10
Desperate times, indeed.Admirable_Dane2/10
Enough of this frivolity, kids. Uncharted 2 is a masterpiece.Archmonk Iga10/10
One of the best games not only for the PS3, but of all time.AuraLine10/10
The Definitive Reason To Own A PS3Chapstickman9/10
Astounded by Naughty Dog. Again.Crofty9/10
Vastly improving on its predecessor, Uncharted 2 delivers a rapturous good time, both online and offc_rake8/10
Pure gaming flow.DDJ9/10
My Shangri-La beneath the summer moon, I will return again...discoinferno849/10
Uncharted treasure amongst thieves!EpicKingdom_9/10
Naughty Dog does it again!FeralBerserker9/10
Easily one of the best games on PS3Gruel10/10
Talented developers once again deliver an epic adventure worthy of your collectionHighOnPhazon10/10
Thick as thieveshorror_spooky9/10
Nearly Perfectjasten9/10
A few flaws keep an otherwise enjoyable experience from being an excellent gameKWang6/10
An epic game with some minor flaws and room for improvementMad_Ogre8/10
Fall into the UnchartedMenji8/10
Drake, the uncoordinated nice-guy sociopathmrklarryd5/10
Uncharted, charted.Niveus_Vulpes9/10
Uncharted in both presentation and gameplayonionring19889/10
Honor Among SequelsSuprak the Stud8/10
Simply that goodTranzience9/10
One of the absolute best video game experiences ever.UPRC10/10
A perfect example how a sequel should be.Zylo the wolf9/10

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