Additional DesignMike Brinker
Additional DesignJosh Katz
Additional Dialogue byMichael Carroll
Additional Dialogue byZach Mumbach
Additional EngineeringJosh Brockman
Additional EngineeringTom Desmarais
Additional EngineeringDan Hamel
Additional EngineeringSergey Levine
Additional EngineeringVishua Ranjan
Additional EngineeringClayton Vaught
Additional Story byStephen Desilets
Additional Story byJohn Estes
Additional Text byMark Cassetta
Additional Text byMatthew Fite
Additional Text byJhanzeb Hasan
Addtional TextJehanzeb Hasan
Animation DirectorPaul Metcalfe
Art DirectorAsh Huang
Audio DirectorPaul Gorman
Camera DesignSteve Szakal
Character ArtistLisette Titre
Character LeadVince Fang
Combat DesignJohn Swisshelm
Core EngineeringBill Fowler
Core EngineeringDavid Kuo
Core EngineeringPaul Schlegel
Core EngineeringBrent A. Thale
Core EngineeringJay Wells
Core Engineering LeadSimon Everett
Environment ArtistsErnesto Guaman
Environment ArtistsNils Holden
Environment ArtistsYounmin Ko
Environment ArtistsEdmund Leo
Environment ArtistsSean Marr
Environment ArtistsEdwin Molina
Environment ArtistsGil John Rodriquez
Environment ArtistsCastro Vocal
Environment Lead ArtRichard Larin
Environment Outsource Lead ArtGil Valadez
Executive Producer & Creative DirectorJonathan Knight
Gameplay EngineeringRobert Foster
Gameplay EngineeringWalter Huang
Gameplay EngineeringPeter Iliev
Gameplay EngineeringEugenia Leu
Gameplay EngineeringMichael Noonan
Gameplay EngineeringHugh Sider
Gameplay EngineeringTom Wilson
Gameplay EngineeringAndy Wright
Gameplay Engineering LeadClarence Co
Graphics Engineering LeadCedric Bermond
Graphics EngineersBenjamin Gregorski
Graphics EngineersPanchapagesan Krishnamurthy
Lead Combat DesignerVincent Napoli
Lead DesignerStephen Desilets
Lead EngineerBrad McKee
Lead Level DesignerMichael Cheng
Level DesignersMichael Brinker
Level DesignersMichael Hurst
Level DesignersChris McGee
Level DesignersGreg Reisdorf
Level DesignersScott Swearingen
Level DesignersKai Zheng
LightersInna Cherneykina
LightersJem Geylani
LightersAi-Fen Lo
Lightning DirectionMeagan Carabetta
Lightning LeadsMatt Christmann
Lightning LeadsRachel Mina
ProducersRich Briggs
ProducersWes Culver
ProducersAmin Ebadi
ProducersTracy Espeleta
ProducersZach Mumbach
Senior Director of Product DevelopmentStephen Barry
Senior Graphics EngineersLaurent Benes
Senior Graphics EngineersBen Guihaire
Senior ProducerJustin Lambros
Technical Art DirectorErik Holden
Technical DirectorDean Grandquist
UI Art DirectorYukiko Arikawa
Visual Effects ArtistsSeth Hall
Visual Effects ArtistsDavid Mosher
Visual Effects ArtistsAaron Roosevelt
Visual Effects ArtistsChristiana Yen
Visual Effects DirectorJeff Kuipers
Visual Effects LeadSandy Lin
Written byJonathan Knight
Written byWill Rokos


Data and credits for this game contributed by gamer_boy997, Weapon, ZeroMarkenz, Doumah, BGoldTLE, Blk_Mage_Ctype, KFHEWUI, rthomaswt, oliist, Henry Beams, and Yod4z.

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