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Glyph help?

I can't figure out which five pictures to choose when the glyph clue is "cut." Can anyone help? I have tried so many combinations and YES I KNOW THAT THE PICTURES HAVE TO INVOLVE CUT SOMEHOW. Can anyone tell me which five pictures I am supposed to use?

SilentRenegade provided additional details:

I guess people don't read.

SilentRenegade provided additional details:

I understand that they probably need to have a sword the problem is I can't see a sword in five pictures.

Accepted Answer

Flyguy29 answered:

I thought this one was hard too; it's just be the hilt of the sword, so it's King Arthur, Perseus, Sigmund, Attila the Hun and Joan of Arc.
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Cadzie answered:

they all need a human pair and an Apple!
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LordEpson answered:

I believe the pictures need a sword in their picture.
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BlUe_AcE11 answered:

Yeah, what Flyguy said, and then after that one look for the pictures that have staffs in them. I can't remember who held the staffs offhand but they're pretty easy to see, although I don't understand what LEAN has to do with staffs...well I suppose you could LEAN on a's a lot easier then CUT. I was sure that Sampson had to be a part of it because he was getting his hair CUT off. Thanks Flyguy29 that puzzle was pissing me off! xD
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