Question from billy123xv

Why will it not let me replay scenes help?

I beat it but it will not let me go back

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CaptainCombOver answered:

Scenes? If you mean previous memories... for some reason ubi didnt keep the replay option like what they had in the first AC. The only memories you can replay are the secret locations. IE. assassin tombs
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Darth_Malus answered:

Wait a min? After I beat the game, I can't select a memory and replay it? No way!!!! Really?
What reasoning could possibly exists to leave out the replay memory feature AC1 had?

Please tell me this rumor is untrue and there is a way to access memories. Some things were a little confusing or I wanted to try a different assassination method and some missions were just fun.

Why would a company let go of the memory replay feature. It's no like there's online play and those courier and other side missions don't justify replayability.

Has Ubi addressed this issue offically? The many AC fans out there can't be happy about this? I don't even get to choose where and when to save?

This had to be a mistake they can fix with a downloadable update right?

I'm stunned by this seemingly illogical move, so I hoping there's some good side to this rumor.

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