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How do I solve (The Power They Wielded CUT Down Their Enemies)?

What Pictures do I choose?

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DC96 answered:

It's a tough one, but the ansewers are in this order on the puzzle: numbers 2,3,6,8, and 9.
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Hamal answered:

Pick the pictures with a sword in them, although it's hard to see. Jon of Arc is on of them.

For the next set of pictures, find the ones with a staff in them.
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Schrder answered:

its every picture with a Sword in it ;D;D all five need to have a sword in the pic =)=)
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koospetoors answered:

If your still struggling,here:

-Perseus, Greece
-Attila the Hun, Eurasia
-King Arthur
-Sigmund, Norse
-Joan of Arc, France
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