Question from unholyanubis

Where can I find two treasures next to the villa?

There's two treasures next to the villa's entrance, but I can't get to it. It seems to be underground. Is there anyway of getting them?


Bowen88 answered:

Restore the Well and Mine, then go in them to find the treasures.
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Sqzy666 answered:

The mine have a gate how do i oppen it?
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startazz answered:

For the one under ground you have to go down a well at the far end of the villa's garden on the right i think it was and you will have to climb down and then you should be able to work that next bit out ok,sorry i can't help on the other one as i'm still looking for that one ;-)
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Coldmace answered:

To open the mine gate, simply pay the architect to restore the mine.
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WinstonTA answered:

To the east of the villa/practice duel area, there is an open area in the ground (almost like a modern-day manhole). Drop into that and you will come to a cave (different, but similar, to the cave to the north of the villa). Through a series of climbing and jumping, you will come to the treasure you seek.
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abcdeez answered:

So to clarify - One chest is inside the well next to your mansion, just drop inside after you restore the well. The other chest is in a cave directly north of your mansion OUTSIDE THE WALL after you restore the mine. It sucks there isn't a trophy for getting all the chests, but in your head you know you're great.
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