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How do you do Double Assassination?

How do you do Double Assassination?


MKWAN0 answered:

The double assassination is something that just happens. You while walk and run around and if two people are close enough to assassinate then you will kill both if you have the duel assassination blades.
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crab_boy321 answered:

You just press the Assassination button if two people are close enough to be assassanted or if two people are either side of you
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SEstolemyyouth answered:

It works better when the two guards are can throw a smoke bomb into a group of guards and get them two at a time to quickly eliminate a larger group with the ax wielding brute soldiers. They're annoying but the disarm feature is fun.
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ghaste answered:

There is one thing, you also have to be far enough into the game to have unlocked the double blades :),

but other than that... positioning yourself midway b/w two enemies, will do the trick, Eizo will automatically kill two enemies with one go...
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regengfuldoubt answered:

It's not something that just happens....It happens when you have earned the second hidden blade, and then you can go between/behind two guards but be close to them, and then just do the normal assassinate, it sometimes doesnt work perfectly but it just takes some getting used to
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RoxasandNamine answered:

First, you have to receive the double hidden blade. Then, when two guards are close together, step in between them to assassinate them on the ground. Same thing with the air assassinations.
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