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100% Synchronization?

Hey, I've completed the game, finished all the assassin's contracts, completed all of the "beat-up" and "race" events, found all of the feathers + glyphs. I was wondering, do i also need to find every treasure chest in the game to obtain the 100% synchronization or do i need to wait for Ubisoft to release the "Europe-only" map to obtain the 100% completion (bought the master assassin edition + earned the U-Play bonus map and completed all 3 as well) ?

riku1989 provided additional details:

Ahh, shoot i'm sorry i didnt mention this before, but yes! I do have Altair's Armor haha it was the one thing i had been wanting to get since the start of the game, but other than that, do you know if i need the "Shipyard Arsenal" bonus map?

lastassassin42 asked for clarification:

Do u have all the viewpoints, villa renovated completely and im not sure about the map.

riku1989 provided additional details:

Yup, i have synchronized all the viewpoints, and i have 100% of the villa completely restored (15000 Florins every 20 minutes to a max of 60000), i have all the feathers, well pretty much, i have every trophy as well. I'm thinking i'm missing that extra map that i cant seem to find anywhere...

riku1989 provided additional details:

Hmmm hopefully that's it, but that's such a huge pain....


lastassassin42 answered:

I'm pretty sure that u need altair's armor and i'm pretty sure that rebecca said that in the tomb under the villa. To get the armor u need all 6 seals and place them into the six statues after that u'll get altair's armor. The seals are hidden around the cities other than the villa. 2 in florence and 1 in tuscani one in fiorli and 2 in venice.
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rasenkage answered:

Did you collect all the stuff from all the chest? Because i think you have to do that
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mrchiu1024 answered:

I am now 100% synchronized. I am not sure about whether treasures and feathers are necessary, but I AM sure that DLC doesn't count, and that you need all 3 templar lair maps (obtained from the codes included in limited editions) to get all 100%.

Each of the 3 maps contributes 0.8%. So if you don't have the maps you can get a maximum of 97.6%.
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mrchiu1024 is part right but you need all weapons,veiwpoints,renovations,all armor of altair,treasure chest's,race's and etc...
btw the DLC contains a few more memorys so look in the DLc areas for the rest of 100%
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LC391 answered:

You have 2 collect all the treasures, its a part of the DNA in the pause menu.
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mikey1611 answered:

Don't know if you've done this already but there are hidden areas within tombs, I'm doing a second play-through to get them and hopefully it'll be 100%, if not then mrchiu1024 is right, which would be a bit of a nightmare for somebody who didn't buy the LE and has OCD.

My first play-through only got up to 97 point something percent, so maybe that's it.
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Raziel_Uzumaki answered:

Do you have the memory's of "Bonfire of the Vanities" and "Battle of Forli". And you also need the 3 templar maps and the map for the Assassin tomb under the villa, wich you can get in Uplay. How to get there is simple. In the Main Menu of the game you see that if you push triangle on the ps3 joystick you go to Uplay and then go to Rewards and buy it. I'm not sure how you can get those 3 templar maps but have seen them in Playstation Store wich you can buy with the Memory "Bonfire of the Vanities". To get 100 % synchronization you have to buy it.
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Emi3280 answered:

You need to:

-Have all the feathers.
-Beat the whole game.
-Beat sequence 12 and 13 that are DLC.
-Get all treasure chests.
-You need to renovate Villa/Monterigioni 100%.
-You need to buy EVERYTHING. (swords, paintings, everything):
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