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Help With UPLAY???

I am sure a lot of you guys know this but i found out about this late and thought the information should be out there for those that dont know.

UPLAY is some new ubisoft thing that rewards players for accomplishments in their games with points and can these can be used to unlock rewards in the game. While at the menu Screen press triangle and it will take you into UPLAY.

Some of the rewards are
1) extra knives
2) new area to explore
3) Altair skin (not just his armor but actually play as the character)...

Check them out!!!

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There is also a free theme to be earned for your PS3

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You get a tomb in the Villa, but all you get from doing it is money, and some back story, as far as I can tell. The Uplay points are the same as a few of the Trophies, and they're all story related, so you'll get them all if you finish the game.

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You can earn Uplay credits by:
- Signing up (10 pts.)
- Completing trophy "Welcome to the Animus 2.0" (10 pts.)
- Completing trophy "Undertaker" (20 pts.)
- Completing trophy "The Bleeding Effect" (30 pts.)
- Completing trophy "An Old Friend Returns" (40 pts.)

You can spend these credits on:
- A premium AC2 theme for the PS3 (10 pts.)
- Additional throwing knives for Ezio (20 pts.)
- Altiar's outfit (30 pts.)
- An assassins tomb inside of the Villa Auditore (40 pts.)

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