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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you abort a mission the game assassins creed 2 ?

This is because i think there is a glitch where im supposed to let out these prisoners but the prisoners arent in the cage so i want to just abort the mission but dont know how.

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I believe if you press Start you have an option to Abort Memory or something to that effect.

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Yeah, press the start button that takes you to the pause menu, and there'll be an option that says "abort memory".

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This isnt sucha good idea - I am doing a mission where I already earned 2000 f and I cannot completed because when I kill a target - the target spawns again. I don't know how but im stuck there and if I click 'Abort memory' it will throw me back and I will lose my 2000 f.

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The one thing you should not worry about in this game is money. I completed the game with 1.5M Florins...abort and redo by all means.

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What you wanna do is press START and click X on the menu when you
highlight "Abort Memory".

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Yeah do what they said

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