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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i solve the puzzle, Hidden under sea of RED?

Ive tried it all and i cant figure out what picture goes where, can you guys tell me the order plese this is my last one

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I don't think it matters what order you choose them... just choose the people with red cloaks or something red

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Ok it gots to be in order
i think its taken from a tree guarded by a snake is first so do the one that has a snake
then i think its power perform miracules (spelled wrong i know) so its david and goliath
hey write down the order and put it down as additional details

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I got it its, and this guy with the sword
tree with snake on it
king henre
the guy with the bag on the stick

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Doesn't matter what order its in just that you get the right pictures. The key word here is RED, meaning that you have to pick any picture with a red colored something in it(the object doesnt matter, just as long as its red.)

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