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Has any one figured out the codes in the pictures when solving the truth puzzles?

If you look at some of the pictures there will be number or letter codes in them, what the hell do they mean?

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EtoileLion answered:

He is asking questions about the hidden Shift Cypher and Binary items in some of the puzzles.

Shift Cypher: If you write down the sentence in the puzzle, look around. There will be another hidden item in the puzzle something that says (for example) H = C. If H = C, then I = D, J = E, etc etc. Use this to decode the message.

Binary items: In some of the puzzles there is a hidden set of 0's and 1's. Grouped into sets of 8, this forms a series of letters when translated from Binary (0's and 1's) into ASCII. There's plenty of translators online, google Binary to ASCII.
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wshong21343 answered:

If you do find a code thing its not necessary but you can do it on paper. one says something like "he holds the key to power" and it doesnt really do with the puzzle but its just a cool thing to do in your spare time like sudoku
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xXBangomangoXx answered:

The ones with a wheel?
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tigercrews answered:

If you are asking about the puzzle where the clue you are given tells you its Sumerian here is the solution. the martini glass looking ones =1 and the greater than/less than signs=10 the bottom right picture of brains with 5 on it tells you to place the single martini glass on the five, from there each number will follow the formula on the left 1+2=3 so 6 on the wheel will be the three martini glasses since it equals three, the next number would be 3+6=9 so you continue from there. I forget off the top of my head what 0 is in the puzzle, but I remember 3=31 so 3 < and 1 martini glass.
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Ts0uk4l4s answered:

i think u say when all are gathered to the villa nad discuss about how to kill the pope. In this point you must use eaglevision to se some kind of a map that u must modify in order to understand the problem and go on
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