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Asked: 4 years ago

Altair play in Assassin's Creed 2?

How do you get up the tower where the person you are chasing runs into?

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From: Xendos 4 years ago

This took me a while as well, it doesn't make much sense. Climb until you reach the ledge with a wooden post sticking out above from it. Instead of (logically) going to either far side of the ledge and jumping to grab it, stand directly on the ledge so the end of the wooden post is just above your head and jump, you'll grab it.

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Sit on the balcony ledge, then jump straight up. That is the only way to grab the wood.

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like Xendos and Solid_snake said /well if you have a PS3 hold...R1 then press X when under the wooden post with the light...try not to hit it'll go flying all over then place.

good luck...

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That was so lame. I read this post at work yesterday, got home and played the Altiars Play portion of the game, thank god for you guys! I was about to break the dang thing. I think Altiar was on acid or something, because in Ac1 he could jump on that block from anywhere! LOL

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Just climb the tower the same way u climbed it in the first one

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u just go under it dont use the analog stick n hold X n ur on ur way

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