Question from RunethXcion

Asked: 4 years ago

Trophy - Red Light Addict - Stuck ?

I know the requirement for getting this achievement is "Spend 5000 florins on courtesans"

I'm very sure that I have spent 34 transactions with them, yet I haven;t get this trophy. I wonder why.

Any suggestions?

FYI , on most of the transactions, I only hire them , not distract guards with them.

Additional details - 4 years ago

FYI , according to the statistics, I have hired the courtesans for about 100+ times.

and i still have not get the trophy.

Additional details - 4 years ago

See my additional details

i have hired them over 200+ times :(

i guess I';m stuck and need to make a new save point for this trophy then?

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It actually means hire whores or hookers whatever you call them just hire and distract or just hire but hookers only k!

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