Answered Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Align code wheel? 1
ASSASSIN'S TOMB - San Marco's Secret? 1
Avamposto Veneziano glyph? 6
Can I still go back to all the maps after I've beaten the story? 15
Do the assassination contract end? If yes, what do you get out of it after you finish it all? 2
Docks Glyph help? 1
Getting the trophy that involves Leonardo's flying machine? 4
Glyph help? 4
Has any one figured out the codes in the pictures when solving the truth puzzles? 5
How do I activate the glyph on the Villa? 2
How do I climb up the bell tower and the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence? 3
How do I defend a womans honor? 6
How do I find All Glyphs/Feathers? 4
How do I Get onto the walls of Florence for the last two treasure chests? 3
How do I get the last codex? 1
How do I get to the last two secret locations? 2
How do I get to the `glowing object' at de 2nd floor of Palazzo Medici De Firenze? 2
How do I locate all the glyphs? Is there some indication on the map of them? 1
How do i play memory sequences 12 and 13 ? 2
How do I solve "the Truth" puzzle 18? The one with the Brains? 2
How do I solve (Hat-Trick)? 1
How do I solve (In theirhands, The wise LEAN on a great force)? 1
How do I solve (The Power They Wielded CUT Down Their Enemies)? 4
How do I solve glyphs 12,13, & 14? 1
How do I solve See you there mission in Sequence 4? 1
How do I solve Show your Colors trophy? 2
How do I solve the first glyph? 3
How do I solve the gliph:...under a sea of RED,reconstruct the timeline? 1
How do I solve the glyph puzzle? 1
How do I solve the origin of species? 2
How do I solve the visitazione tomb? 1
How do I solve this glyph? 1
How do u figure out the glyph puzzles? 3
How do you finish the level when you have to put together the codex pages i cant finish the puzzel? Plz answer 4
How Do You Get Into The Assasin Tomb in Venice? 1
How do you get to the last tomb? 1
How do you get up to the viewpoint next to San Marcos Basilica in Venice? 3
How do you solve the codex wall? 3
I need help figuring out a glyphs? 1
Im in the part where you skip a couple of years thanks to corruption its asking me to find the codex pages to continue? 2
In the Animus? 1
Question on Ravaldino's Secret Tomb? 4
Sequence 9 Trophy? 1
Showing Your Colors trophy help? 1
The san marco puzzle- once worshiped-now forgotten-it watches from a distance and waits? 4
Titan's of Industry Glyph help? 1
Tombs in Venice? 1
Two questions? 2
Venice locations? 1
View points and Assasin seals? 1
What happens when you line up the codex pages? 1
Where are the last 4 secret locations? 1
Where are the tombs? 5
Where does Leonardo live? 1
Why do the listed trophies jump from sequence 11 to sequence 14? 5
Why does the DNA thing say...? 2
Why doesn't it say I've found the secret location in Santa Maria Novella, in Florence? 1

Item Location Help Answers
100 Feathers #2? 1
100 Feathers? 1
21/22 Weapons? 4
99 Feathers? 2
Anything special item to unlock after beating the game? 4
At a standstill, how to find Rosa to learn 'higher jumping technique'? 1
Can I switch my capes? 1
Can I unequip any armor and have no armor left on my body? 2
Can you buy or get masks? 2
Chest count help ? 5
Control help? 1
Does anyone have any idea what the 6 extra weapons you get from PsP AC: bloodlines are? 1
Does anyone know if you can upgrade your pistol? 3
Does getting the Condottiero War Hammer affect story? 2
Dual Wielding Swords? 2
Feathers - Endgame? 7
Gamestop Exclusive stuff? 3
How do I change to the normal glove? 1
How do i get back to the villa! I cant find my way out of venice! Help? 5
How do I get my sword back from the last level? 1
How do I get the 100 feathers now? 1
How do I get the last sword? 7
How do I switch to other swords i've purchased? & other outfits ive bought? 1
How do I use the double hidden blade? 2
How do you get it to allow you to talk to her? 1
How do you get the Auditore Cape? 5
How do you swap and equip weapons belonging to the same weapons slot besides making a purchase at the blacksmith? 1
How do you unlock Altair's Armor? 2
How do you unlock the final "Outfit" and what is it? 2
How many secret locations are there in Shipwrecked? 1
I can't find the last two statues? 1
I got some green dyed cloths how do I change it back to the white? 2
I got the Auditore Cape After doing Roma, can i still get the "show your true colors" trophy? 1
I'm missing two weapons? 1
Instrument weapons? 1
Is there a point to the Secret Templar Locations? 1
Keys (1) ? 1
Large pouch? 2
Long weapon sweeping? 1
Lost altair's armour?? 3
Mario's Philosophical codex pages where are they? 1
Messer Sandman Trophy? 2
Ok in the last assassination contract mission in Venice...? 3
Optional feather gathering? 1
Outfits? 1
The cape that comes with Altairs armor? 2
The codes that you get from game stop, best buy, and the master assassin edition to unlock the secret locations? 1
The feather inside Church Santa Maria Del Fiore ? 3
Tricky Feather "Possible Spoiler"? 2
Trophy problem? 1
Weapon inventory? 2
Weapons you buy? 1
What are the models? 2
What do collecting all the feathers get me? 3
What's with the 99 feathers? 1
When do you get the Gun, or how? 3
When to connect bloodlines?? 1
When's the best time to start looking for feathers/glyphs/paintings? 2
Where are the assasins tombs? 2
Where can i buy a 2 handed sword? 2
Where can I find (different outfits)? 5
Where can I find (legendary assassin armour)? 6
Where can I find Auditore Cape? 1
Where can I find eagle feathers? 3
Where can I find Neptune or Pluto statues? 6
Where can I find templar lairs? 5
Where can I find the jupiter statuette in the villa? 1
Where can I find the mars statue? 3
Where can I find the Neptune and Pluto Statuettes in the villa? 1
Where can I find the third cape? 2
Where can I get capes? 1
Where is the entrance to the sanctuary? 1
Where on the Map is Davinci? 2
where or how I use the Da Vinci's flying machines after completing the mission in which you use it? 5
why can't i find altair REAL armor? 1

Other Help Answers
100% Sync? 2
100% Syncronazation??? 1
Activating the exclusive content...? 1
After getting all the statuettes and Ezios great grandfathers gift? 3
After you get the double hidden blade, can you use just one for counter kills like if you had only one blade?. 4
After you've gone by the assassin tomb where you can see the Giant Squid, can you return to that place? 1
Altair's armor ? 1
An old friend returns? 1
Any news on when sequence 13 comes out? 2
Anything special for 100% sync after DLC or just satisfaction? 1
Are there any missable trophies in this game? 1
Assassin's Creed 2 The Palazzo Medici? 2
Black and White editions? 2
Can i download bloodlines on ps3 and play without psp? 1
Can i go to the family tomb and the templar lairs after i finish the game? 2
Can I sell items like armors or weapons? 1
Can you play your own music? 2
Can you still roam freely after you've beaten the game? 2
Caption? 1
Complete Florence Map? 1
Completed all secret locations but game says I haven't? 1
DLC help? 2
Do you have to wear the Auditore colors in Rome as well? 3
Doctor Trophy? 1
Does glyphs appear randomly? Are there any missions that you should find all the glyphs? 1
Does this game have an open world? 1
Double hidden blades? 4
Ezio did not kill a civilian? 2
Family tomb? 1
Feather dissapear ? 1
Feathers glyphs etc? 1
Flying Leonardo's machine? 2
For those who finished the game already, if I want to watch cutscenes again, can I replay areas like AC1? 4
Game Problems? 1
Has anyone seen...? 3
Help glitched and can't move, why? 1
How (Or with what) do you connect ur PSP to ur PS3? 1
How do i Break my sword? 3
How do I connect with uplay? 1
How do i download the demo? 1
How do I get the "Show your colors" trophy? 3
How do I link my Uplay account to my PSN? 1
How do I switch L1 to "Hold"? 2
How do I throw sand? 2
How often will you be able to ride horses, fly that plane Leonardo DaVinci made you, and other vehicles? 7
How strong is the language and blood in this game? 2
How to cancel the pistol before I shoot? 1
How to get 100% sync? 1
How to make alot of money early? 3
How to take Ezio's beard off???? i hate it 7
I can't find the battle of forli dlc? 3
I created a uplay account and i've beat the game. how do i get uplay to recognize that i've completed all the actions? 1
I dont have ps3 nor played this game but is altair still here? 2
I have finished the Sequence 8 but i can't seem to get the trophy Help me ? 1
I killed 10 guards without being hit but I didn't get the trophy? 1
I lost my trophies !? 1
I'm just wondering if you're ever able to use the bank in ACII? 1
If i buy the add-ons on the eu psn will i be able to use it on my american version of ac2? 1
Is Black Ed. Open Now? 1
Is it worth getting? 2
Is there a quicker/easier way to get from Venice to the Monteriggioni/Villa? 1
Is there anything special about the ship in the Forli harbour that has the restricted zone around it? 1
Is this open world? 2
Island in Venice? 1
Man of the People Trophy? 2
Multiple saves? 1
New Game + ???? 1
No hitter trophy? 1
Ok i want to get back to the villa but...? 1
Play online? 1
Portraits of targets assassinated? 5
Pre-order unlockable lvl? 1
Roll? 1
Sequence 12 and 13???????? 1
Show your colors trophy? 2
The carnival outfit? 1
The Truth?(Non spoiler) 1
This is about replay value and saving the game? 1
Trophy problems? 2
View point in Venice? 1
ViewPoint? 1
What are the contents of this game? 3
What does NPC mean? 2
What happens when you die? 1
What is a Poisoned NPC? 3
What is the bonus content for connecting the psp and ps3 together? 1
Where is the code for exclusive content? 1
Where the old weppon before I get a new one? 1
Which limited edition is available at stores?? 1
Who do you play in this game ezio or altair? 2
Who is the best person to pickpocket? 1
Who was this big guy with an axe? 1
Why are there no game saves up for AC2? 1
Why did the bottom of the THe "Florence" map is still unascesible? 2
Will the be assassins creed 3? 7
Will this game have trophies? 2
Will u be able to do some of the things that u couldnt do in the first 1 is so plz tell me some? 1
~Whats New? 1

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