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Open Questions

Enemy/Boss Help status answers
Ezio's Grieves? Open 5
How do I beat rodrigo borgia? Open 3
Item Help status answers
Altair's Outfit? Open 4
Can someone help me with the feathers with giving me a possible link to the feather locations? Open 6
How do i buy weapons from the blacksmith? Open 1
How do i get back to the villa? I cant find my way out of venice! Help? Open 4
How do I get SMN #8 Feather? Open 1
How do I get the last treasure chest? Open 1
How do i use it? Open 1
How do i use older weapons that have already been purchased? Open 3
In Monteriggioni/Villa where is the hidden treasure chest? Open 2
Is any achievement / trophy unlocked if I find all treasures? Open 2
Is there any trophy's you can only get in a small time frame? Open 3
Keys Found? Open 4
List of all Codex Pages? Open 1
Monteriggioni Max Income Capacity at 59,999? Open 1
Poison? Open 2
Secret locations? Open 1
Special Moves - Ranged Weapons (?) Open 2
Special Plain Cape? Open 2
Treasure in San Polo Venice Area? Open 2
What is the weapon in your weapon room on the hammers rack second from the top? Open 1
When in the game do i get a spear please tell were how when? Open 4
Where can I find black edition extras? Open 2
Where can I find glyphs? Open 3
Where can I find smoke bombs? Open 2
Where can I find the codex pages after i fight borigo in first time? Open 1
Where can I find the glyph at Rocca Di Ravaldino in Venice? Open 2
Where can i find the last 2 pieces of artwork? Open 2
Where can I find the Roman gods statues? Open 2
Where can I find the statue of Apollo? Open 2
Where can I find the wetland dye's? Open 2
Where can I find two treasures next to the villa? Open 6
Why can't I use all of the assassin seals? Open 1
Other Help status answers
100% Synchronization? Open 8
AC 1 on XBOX. AC 2 on XBOX or PS3? Open 5
Altiar costume Glich? Open 2
Anyone else enjoy poisoning those seekers and thowing money down next to them? Open 5
Are there cutscenes between memories in this game? Open 2
Assassin creed 2 importante ? Open 1
Assassins Creed 2 or Uncharted 2? Open 4
Black edition bonus quests be avalible as dlc? Open 1
Can i get into the mines behind the villa? Open 1
Can I return to Firenze even after the mission where you have to leave? Open 1
Can I still access the exclusive content after a reinstall? Open 1
Can someone explain why this happend in the courtyard at the begining of the game? Open 1
Can we ride horses? Open 4
Can you continue play after completion of the main missions?????? Open 3
Can you help me please i am new at this game? Open 2
Can you roam around the cities after you have passed the game? Open 2
Can you still go in the animus 2.0 after you beat the game and collect leftover feathers, glyphs etc? Open 2
Completing DNA? Open 1
Dallas archive? Open 1
Dlc content ? Open 2
DLC will it be for sale? Open 1
Ezio's outfit? Open 2
Getting Disarmed on purpose? Open 3
Getting the game ? Open 1
Graphics glitch on weapons? Loss of detail? Open 1
Help With UPLAY??? Open 2
How can i..........................? Open 1
How do i activate sequence 12 and 13? Open 1
How do I get the Villa to 100%? Open 1
How do I play a previous level in Assassin's Creed II? Open 1
How do I transfer a saved game to my other PS3? Open 5
How do I watch all of the lineage videos? Open 2
How do you change armors? Open 1
How do you skip the cut scenes? Open 1
How do you unlock Templar Lair memories? Open 2
How long is this game? Open 4
How many cities there are in the game? Open 2
How to replay memories for AC2? Open 1
I need help understanding why? Open 1
Is the greatest hits version the full version with DLC? Open 1
is there any downloadable content for AC2?? Open 4
Is there any point to the passcodes you recieve after completing a glyph puzzle? If so, please tell me. Open 3
Is this game ok for a 14 year old to play? Open 2
Last glyph? Open 1
Missing Factions? Open 2
Missing file? Open 1
Money? Open 3
Multiplayer Problems ? Open 1
No sequence 12 or 13 in the game? Open 5
Question? Open 1
Redeemable code? Open 1
Secondary memories complete? Open 1
Sequence 12- 13 and templar's lair? Open 1
Sewers in Venice? Open 2
Starting? Open 1
Street Cleaner Trophy? Open 3
Swimming - simplistic or involved? Open 4
The Palazzo Medici? Open 3
There's an entire area of Florence i cannot access? Open 5
Trophy - Red Light Addict - Stuck ? Open 1
Trophy ? Open 1
UK pricing of AC2 DLC packs? Open 2
Weapon trainer help? Open 1
What do you get at 100% sync? Open 1
What does "Updates" in Options under the HUD section turn on/off? Open 1
What does Etzio say after every major assassination? Open 4
What memory and sequence does altair show up? Open 2
What's the difference between dodge and strafe? Open 2
What's to become of the missing memory blocks ? Open 1
When can I buy weapons (such as hammers) in AC2? Open 3
When is the ps3 demo coming out? Open 2
Where do I find the last statue? Open 1
Where is the giant squid? Open 1
Where's Leonoardo after you get all 30 Codex Pages? Open 3
Wheres the underground Altair area!? Open 2
Why won't the courier and beat-up missions appear on the map? Open 1
Will there be an online multiplayer func.? If not, there should be. Open 2

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