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Best exotic for the supercar series in tier 4?

Guys, what exotic would you think is best for this race? I use the Zonda R but the AI just makes it a habit to bump me off track whenever I attempt a clean pass, it's frustrating. The Zonda is a lithe car but it behaves like a ragdoll when it's bumped by a heavier CCX, Veyron or Reventon. Any suggestion for a good car to use would be appreciated.

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sgaggg answered:

i used the zonda and i did fine. The zonda is by far the best stick with it. Monty dont know what he talking about. I tried the veyron and its feels very stiff cannot turn at all.
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Monty704 answered:

U Can Use Bmw M3 Gtr.Bmw Is The Best Car Of Need For Speed Shift and Need For Speed Most Wanted.
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