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Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
How do I reflect vinyls from one side to another? Open 1
Plot Help status answers
Tier 5? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
Arcade mode customization?? Open 1
Best exotic for the supercar series in tier 4? Answered 2
Buying performance parts? Open 2
Can I customize the controller for the throttle? Open 1
Can you change speedometer display to mph from km/h? Answered 1
Can you level up and play on the street with cops instead of just on the track all the time? Answered 1
Cannot get the petals with my steering wheel to work, why? Open 1
Car list for the PS3? Answered 2
Cars wont move in certian events help meee?? Open 2
Changing username? Open 3
Choosing a Car? Answered 2
Corolla AE86 Bug? Answered 1
Different views? Answered 1
Do badges still accumulate while racing quick race? Open 3
FordGT VS Viper SRT10 challenge bug? Answered 2
How do I access my pictures that I send to Open 2
How do you edit the stock vinyls? Open 1
How to get a perfect lauch???? Open 2
I am un able to enter drift events with drift capable cars? Answered 1
If I get disqualified during a drift event? Open 1
Is it possible to change or paint the driver's helmet? Open 1
Is Need for speed Shift Online free? Open 2
Is there a clutch button in this game? Open 2
Is there any issue transfering trophies earned on one PS3 to another using the USB connection procedure? Open 1
Is there any way to invite people to race with you? Answered 1
Is there split screen mulit-player? Open 3
Just wondering if the quick race drift was supposed to level you so fast? Answered 3
Speedometer question? Open 1
What is the best way to enter a drift? Open 3
Where do i find the car awards? Answered 1

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