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How do you get the parachute?

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Thermador446 answered:

Double tap jump when you are falling. This question is already answered in this forum if you search first before asking a question next time.
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CCRules8 answered:

You don't have to unlock it, when you are falling double tap the X button to open the parachute.
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devastator994 answered:

I just jump then in mid air i i double press the X quickly
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Dan1012lol answered:

Jump from building or heli and continuily press x if ps3
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Diamond_back answered:

You have the parachute from the start, you need don't unlock it. If you jump from a high enough point or bail from a helicopter, just tap (X) one time ((A) on xbox) and it will deploy. here are two quick tips for parachuting.

1) When bailing form a helicopter, free-fall for most of the drop and open your parachute at the last second, you will be less vulnerable because you will be moving to fast to hit.

2) For Xbox only- If you have your parachute deployed, you can hold down the A button and it will retract , allowing you to fall faster.
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