Question from Warlord_of_Woe

Is there offline multiplayer, co-op or otherwise?

I think that offline multiplayer makes any game twice as good. I'll still get RDR without it, but it would be a huge plus.

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Sonic7z answered:

No splitscrean
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CaptainUtopia answered:

Yup, I saw a LAN option in multiplayer, but I haven't tried it since I only have one PS3. Additional confirmation here:
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castle360 answered:

No, you have to have online to your connection in order to have multiplayer and co op
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sk8erdude106 answered:

No there is no offline multiplayer.
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zoooweemomma365 answered:

no sorry theres LAN but no offline it would be cool but no.
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Phazon2000 answered:

There is offline multiplayer, it's called singeplayer.
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